10 Things to Do in Kalaw. Best Places to Visit in Kalaw, Myanmar


10 Things to Do in Kala

With its appearance as if it came straight out of an old novel and wonderful trekking opportunities. It is one of the favorite places of tourists going to . Myanmar is a country where tourism was prohibited until a few years ago, and then it can be done in a very limited way. Today, this situation has changed. It should definitely be seen before the locals get tired of the tourists and before the tourism spoils the people of the country.


Kalaw is a trekking paradise. There are many trekking routes of varying difficulty and length. You should definitely walk some of them. It is quite enjoyable to walk through the forests, occasionally getting stuck in the mud. Kalaw’s weather is a bit cooler than other Southeast Asian cities, so it is very suitable for trekking.

Walk to Inle Lake.

The most famous trekking route is the route between Kalaw and Inle Lake. This walk, which is usually accompanied by tour guides, takes 3-4 days depending on the route you choose. A great opportunity to stay away from the city life for a few days, accompanied by meals prepared by the guides and a fun group! It is necessary to be careful in the rainy season, part of the road can be covered with mud.

Visit Villages.

There are villages around Kalaw that you can reach by trekking. Life in the villages is different. It’s almost as if time stopped decades ago, life is very calm. You should definitely visit the villages and observe the lives of the people there and the games of the children. Do not hesitate to dive into the restaurants of the villages. Although it is difficult to find someone who speaks English, they will certainly serve you delicious food.

Eat Nepali Food.

Many people from India and Nepal live in Myanmar. Especially when Myanmar was under British rule, many Nepalis settled here. There is a very popular restaurant in Kalaw where you can taste Nepalese delicacies. Don’t forget to try different flavors here.

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Eat Tea Leaf Salad

One of the interesting flavors in Myanmar is the tea leaf salad, which you cannot easily find anywhere else in the world. They pickle the tea leaves and then use them in salads. The salad is served with garlic and small hot peppers on the side. Addictive flavor.

Sit in the Tea House.

While in Kalaw, stop by the tea houses. They serve fried pastries with tea. So much pastry that you can’t eat on a big plate comes to the table before you order it, you pay for what you eat. It is also a pleasure to watch the people passing by while sitting in the tea house.

Tour the Buddha Cave.

Budha Cave is a place you can reach by trekking from Kalaw. This is an underground area filled with Buddha figures.

Tour the Pindaya Caves.

Another of the important caves in Kalaw is Pindaya. It is even considered one of the most important caves in Southeast Asia. After you pass the giant spider statue at the entrance, a 700-step staircase awaits you. Located high on limestone cliffs, the cave has around 8,000 golden Buddha statues!

Take a Mountain Bike Tour.

In Kalaw, there is a suitable environment not only for trekking but also for mountain biking. You can rent a bike and throw yourself into the forest.

Shop at Kalaw Market.

In Kalaw, there is a fixed market place where you can find many interesting things, filled with locals. Be sure to drop by here. Even taste the chips. Chips are made by frying at home, not factory production. Did I mention Myanmar is still like decades ago in some matters! ­čÖé

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