Best Hungary Destinations 2021 – Popular Travel Vacations in Hungary

Hungary Destinations

Hungary is a landlocked state in Central Europe. Bordered on one side by Germany and the other by Austria, it shares its border with other countries like Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, and Greece. Its capital, Budapest, is isolated by the Danube River, which divides it into two halves. Its cityscape is dotted with historic architectural landmarks on Pestos Andrassy Avenue and Buda’s medieval castle hill.

Hungary Map

Hungary Map
Hungary Map


From Budapest, the most prominent tourist destination is the beautiful Danube Delta. Here, cruises with knowledgeable tour guides can take you to many interesting sites, including a visit to the Castle of Hungary, the National Gallery, Royal Castle, Town Hall, Saint Nicholas Church, and the National Theater. The Danube Delta has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and several other organizations.

In addition to these landmarks, Hungarians love to cruise around the marvelous glass bridges, watch river ferries, go walking along the riverbanks and experience the refreshing atmosphere of the Danube Delta.

Best Hungary Travel Destinations

  1. Aggtelek National Park & Caves
  2. The Buda Hills
  3. Visegrád Royal Palace
  4. Pecs Cathedral
  5. Eger Castle
  6. Sopron
  7. The Hungarian Open Air Museum
  8. Hortobágy National Park
  9. The Caves of Lillafüred
  10. Tihany
  11. Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest
  12. Esztergom Basilica
  13. Historic Spa Towns
  14. The Danube
  15. Buda Castle, Budapest

From Budapest, you can take a boat ride to the beautiful island of Magalten. This is a picturesque island and is one of the most sought-after Magalten destinations in Europe by both local and international travelers. The delightful island is surrounded by picturesque lakes, forests, and a picturesque promenade.

The Danube and Buda
The Danube and Buda

Magdalen offers a wide variety of accommodations ranging from guest houses and resorts to bed and breakfast accommodation. Please specify the age of the individual when booking the villa. As far as food is concerned, please prepare yourself for delicious traditional meals in Hungarian style!

When traveling to Romania, please ensure that the person traveling with you has the minimum age of eighteen years old. Please enter this information in your reservation form. If the country code for Hungary is dialed, just remember to type the country code followed by zero on the telephone number (area code).

or example, if the traveler’s phone number is booked to a number in Hungary, typing just the area code “Hungary” on the telephone will display the correct country code. Please note that there are no direct flights too, but ferries and airplanes do occasionally fly to this historically important island.

Pecs Cathedral
Pecs Cathedral

In Mackay, the town is approximately ten miles from the capital Budapest. This is an ideal starting point for touring the region. At Mackay, it is easy to reach the Old Town by taking the water taxi. The Old Town is situated on the hill overlooking the Danube River and houses the world’s largest conference hall.

There are many historic buildings to explore including the parliament building, parliament, Royal Castle, and Royal Bank of Commerce. The gardens of Miskavy are filled with beautiful shrubs and plants depicting scenes from the history of Hungary.

Visegrád Royal Palace
Visegrád Royal Palace

If you are planning to take your family to Hungary, a budget family vacation would be perfect for you. Prices are relatively low during the summer months when the weather is mild. Water parks and other amusement centers located near the destination are very affordable. Budapest offers a diverse selection of lodging, which can fit any budget. Family-friendly hotels offer numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs for the enjoyment of all ages.

If you are traveling to Hungary on holiday, you will have plenty of choices to choose from for sightseeing. Several destinations are extremely popular such as Magyar, Pest, Danube Delta, Lovage, Zsevet, Sile, etc. There are also several historical sites to be explored in Magyar and the surrounding area. These sites include Castle Hill, Kerta, Terramosszallas, Church of St. Nicholas, Monastery of St. Nicholas, etc.

Eger Castle
Eger Castle

Several international airports are present in Hungary offering direct flights from major cities across the world. Budapest is served by three international airports namely Budapest Airport, Szentparni Airport, and Belles Square International Airport.

Flights from London, Scotland, and Ireland to Budapest are available quite regularly. Flights from North America, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Egypt, Dubai, etc. can also be arranged through the airline companies operating flights to Hungary.

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