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From Altinkum beach The Temple of Apollo, located 3.8 meters north, is undoubtedly the most striking and interesting ancient city of Aydın. The importance of the Temple of Apollo in mythology is also great.


It is one of the largest and oldest temples built for Apollo, the god of music and art, for the sons of . Temple of Apollo in Ancient Greek civilizations Ephesus. It is one of the third largest temples after the Temple of Artemis in .


According to a rumor, the god Apollo came across a shepherd man. branchhos Apollo, who loves the sincerity of this shepherd named Apollo, teaches him the mysterious secrets of the prophecy. People descended from Brankhos branchhids begins to be remembered. This is how the temple of Apollo became one of the most important prophecy centers of the Ancient Greek Age. What is the meaning of the word Didim, I hear you say.


Didim Didyma

It actually means twin brothers. An ancient city was built for Artemis in Ephesus as a sister temple, like the temple of Apollo, which belongs to the god of Apollo. The temple of Apollo was reached via a sacred road from Miletus. Unfortunately, the Temple of Apollo, which was reached through the sacred road, has witnessed many wars and destructions. We can say that it got its current form thanks to Alexander the Great.

Temple of Apollo


The Temple of Apollo measures 110 X 50 meters and its architect is Daphniz of Miletus.


When you go to visit the temple, Medusa will definitely attract your attention. We can say that Medusa is of great importance in Greek mythology. Medusa is actually one of the three sisters we call Gorgon. Who are the Gorgons, so we can say that they are female monsters with snake hair that are alive and venomous in the underworld.


Unlike her other three sisters, Medusa is not immortal, so it is thought that she turns the beholder to stone with her eyes. Pergeus, the hero and savior of the people, is tasked with cutting the heads of the Gorgons. For this reason, since Medusa is not immortal, she cuts off Medusa’s head. Such is the tragic story of Medusa in Greek mythology.


We can say that the columns of the Temple of Apollo, located at the entrance of Didim, are dazzling. When you see yourself for the first time, you can feel like you are in Athens. This is definitely a very good feeling and worth tasting. Contrary to what it appears in the photos, the building is actually much larger.


If you wish, you can stay overnight in Didim to visit the Temple of Apollo. As an accommodation option, there are many hotels, pensions and apart hotels in Didim.

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