Travel to Capital of Peru: 9 Things To Do In Lima


9 Things to Do in Lima

Lima, with a population of 9 million, is the largest city in South America after Sao Paulo. Capital of Peru. It is also one of the flavor centers of South America.

1. Tour the Plaza Mayor

As in many Spanish cities, the main square of the city is called Plaza Mayor in Lima. It is a magnificent square with a fountain in the middle and colonial buildings surrounding it. The buildings surrounding the square are all important: City Hall, Government Palace, Lima Cathedral and many more…

2. Photograph the Balconies in the Historic Center

Be sure to take a walk through the historic center, of which Plaza Mayor is also a part. In the meantime, do not forget to photograph the balconies. These wooden balconies are one of Lima’s cultural heritage. The balconies, which have worn out over time, were owned and restored by the municipality’s “Adopt a Balcony” campaign, so they are in very good condition.

3. Visit the Monastery of San Francisco

This monastery is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lima. In addition to being one of the beautiful examples of Spanish Baroque architecture, it is also an interesting place with the catacomb, which contains the bones of 25,000 people.

4. Take a Walk in Miraflores

The most popular place in Lima is the Miraflores neighborhood. You can shop here and taste Peruvian flavors in different restaurants. One of the best things to do is walk on the beach. While you are in Miraflores, you can also visit the ruins of Huaca Pucllana in that region. This area is the only place left from the Inca period in Lima…

travel to Lima
Lima, Peru

5. Do Paragliding

Would you like to paraglide over the Pacific Ocean? If your answer is “yes”, let’s take you to the Parque del Amor, the Love Park, in Miraflores. Here you can make a tandem flight with paragliding.

6. Embrace Bohemian Life in the Barranco Neighborhood

Barranco is a popular, bohemian neighborhood in Lima. It is a region preferred by young people especially for nightlife. It is a space where artists, musicians and designers take place. You can visit the art museums here during the day and immerse yourself in the lively nightlife at night.

7. Learn Inca History at Museo Larco

Museo Larco is Lima’s most important museum. Artifacts from Peru’s 4000-year pre-Columbian history are on display here. The best way to learn about the country’s past is to visit this museum. Another difference from the museums you are used to is that you can visit the area where 45,000 works are stored. One of the interesting parts of the museum is the gallery where erotic figures made of ceramics are exhibited. You can also taste Peruvian delicacies at the museum’s restaurant.

8. Watch the Waters Dance at Parque de Las Aguas

An area where you can watch the dance of fountains illuminated by colorful lights. There are 13 pools in the park. It is a place that has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest fountain pool complex. After having fun in the pools here, try one of Peru’s famous dishes, “anticuchos” from the stalls nearby. This dish is actually a grill made from beef lungs and hearts. Although it may not sound very pleasant, it is a wonderful, definitely a taste to try.

9. Eat Ceviche

One of the dishes you should definitely taste before leaving Lima is “ceviche”. Peru’s national dish. It is prepared by marinating fish or other seafood with lime. An incredible taste. Don’t leave your trips to ceviche restaurants late in the day alone. Most of them close in the afternoon because ceviche is made from raw fish and should be consumed early, not kept waiting. A ceviche made with fresh fish of the morning can be a good lunch option. Beware, it can be addictive.


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