Best Places to Visit in Antalya Serik – Turkey

Best places to visit in Antalya Serik. Koprulu Canyon, Belek, Uçansu Waterfall, Zeytintaş Cave and the ohter most places to vizit in Serik. Antalya has many important holiday regions. One of the most striking of these regions is Serik. Serik is a town about 40 km from the first center of Antalya. This small town, which is 7 km inland from the seaside, also has a very important touristic location. In addition to its nature, it is also very famous for its deep blue sea. Serik is home to thousands of local and foreign tourists. Every time spent in Serik, which remains as perfect as possible and has a location where you truly appreciate the time spent, is for you.

Serik is a region that has hosted many civilizations throughout history. You won’t even realize how you spend your holiday in Serik. So much so that the region is considered as a place where vacationers can easily stay and spend time.

Best places to visit in Serik

Koprulu Canyon

This canyon will appear as the valley of Köprüçay. One of the most valuable regions of Serik is this canyon. It has a very convenient location in terms of rafting. Bridge Canyon, got this name because of the two bridges on the river. From the first moment you step into this canyon, a unique view will be waiting for you. Thanks to the passing time and the wonders of nature, you will enjoy the Koprulu Canyon to the fullest, and you will leave yourself in the lap of moments intertwined with nature. From this point of view, you will have added more quality to your holiday in Serik by touring the Koprulu canyon effectively.

Koprulu Canyon Antalya
Koprulu Canyon Antalya

Uçansu Waterfall

It is considered one of the most valuable points of the Serik region. It is 54 km from the town. But never doubt that you will have covered the most beautiful 54 km of your life. Uçansu Waterfall, is a region connected to the Akçapınar Village of Serik. The water of the waterfall comes out of the Taurus Mountains. For this reason, as soon as you step into the region in the summer heat, you will instantly feel the coolness of the cold water that will come from the waterfall. The waterfall, which flows enthusiastically from a height of about 50 meters, is the focus of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to the scenery at the waterfall, there are many natural wonders to be discovered around it. We definitely recommend you to see Uçansu Waterfall for a special nature trip.

Aspendos Ancient City

Aspendos ancient city, is among the most famous ancient regions that have made a name for themselves throughout Turkey. Aspendos, which is about 8 km away from Serik district center, contains historical values ​​that are really worth seeing. This valuable ancient city, which is said to have been built in the 10th century BC, has also hosted many civilizations. This city, which contains the flawless architecture of Turkey, also has magnificent presentations in terms of visuals. Especially in the theater of Aspendos, you can take wonderful photos and explore the special beauties of the period every moment. In this regard, we would like to say that Aspendos is among the main regions that must be seen in this region.

In addition to all these, Aspendos is an ancient city that is intertwined with the people. Theater plays and important concerts take place in the theater of this region every year, especially in the summer months. You can explore its texture and really get a different meaning for your holiday. Considering these stages, you should definitely go to this region from Serik in order to explore the general architectural texture in Aspendos.


Belek, is a very important holiday region within the borders of Serik. Places to Visit in Side It even has a structure that is sometimes referred to as independent from Serik. Belek is one of the most preferred regions of holidaymakers. Belek is a place with magnificent beaches. Belek beach, which has a length of 22 km, is also considered among the most famous beaches of the country. The most important feature of Belek is that it has a structure that can appeal to all segments. Thanks to its luxury summer houses, hotels and its capacity to attract domestic and foreign tourists equally, you will be able to adapt clearly to the texture of Belek, and you will be able to spend the most precious moments of your holiday in this distinguished region. Nightlife in Belek You will have the opportunity to have a wonderful holiday as much as possible day and night.

Zeytintaş Cave

It is a cave approximately 16 km away from the town of Serik. The peculiarity of this cave is that besides the stalactites and stalagmites, it also has chambered shapes. This cave, which is quite cool in the summer months, is flooded by local and foreign tourists at that time. Indeed, it is possible to describe it as an interesting natural architecture. It has a very different feature and for this reason, it has succeeded in gaining a place among the points integrated with the Serik region. During your holiday to this region, you should definitely not pass by without seeing the Zeytintaş Cave. We recommend that you take lots of photos in this cave, which is very close to the region.

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