Best Arabic Restaurants in Kuwait, Arabic Food Menu in Kuwait

Located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait stands out with its rapid development in recent years. Standing out with its wealth of oil reserves, Kuwait is the 7th richest country in the world, but its only wealth is not limited to oil. Kuwait, which has a very rich cuisine with the influence of the surrounding cultures, gains the appreciation of its visitors with its dishes blended with the Middle East and Asian cuisine.

As gastronomic experiences gain importance, questions such as what is traditional Arabic food, where is best Arabic restaurants in Kuwait are frequently asked. There are many Arabic restaurants in Kuwait. Restaurants located in many different regions; It offers a feast of taste to its visitors with meat and spicy food selections. So what are the best Arabic restaurants in Kuwait?

Best Arabic Restaurants in Kuwait 

Best Arabic Restaurants in Kuwait
Mais Alghanim

Assaha Lebanese Traditional Village Restaurant

Located in Al Khalij Al Arabi Street Bneid Al Gar, this restaurant is quite famous in Kuwait. You can try traditional Arabic cuisine in this restaurant, which stands out with its delicious food and professional service.

Freej Suwaileh Restaurant

Located in Salem Almubarak Street, this restaurant is frequently preferred with its rich food options. You can try snacks, desserts and many more options in this restaurant.

Mais Alghanim Restaurant

Located in Kuwait, this restaurant stands out with its deep-rooted history. Mais Alghanim Restaurant, which has two different branches, combines traditional dishes with modern touches.

Arabic Food Menu in Kuwait

Arabic Food Menu in Kuwait
Arabic Food

When you go to a Kuwait restaurant and examine the menu, you can see that the menu is mainly meat and rice. Once you taste Arabic food varieties, which create a feast of taste with Arabic appetizers, you will fall in love with these dishes. So, what are the Arab dishes that are frequently included in restaurant menus?

Baba Ghanouj

Made with different ingredients such as tomato, eggplant, onion, mint and pepper, this appetizer is a very tasty choice.


This appetizer made with Tahina, Walnuts, Hot Chili Paste seduces those who love spicy foods!


Hummus, which is loved and preferred in many parts of the world; It creates a unique flavor with the combination of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic.

Meat Arayes

This food; it consists of Arabic Bread stuffed with Minced Meat, Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic and is delicious!

Kabbab Sultani

It is possible to have a delicious kebab experience with this Kabbab Sultani, which is formed by the meeting of minced meat, onion and saffron.

Lebanese Kunafa

Have a unique experience with Kunafa, which offers the perfect harmony of cheese and dessert!

Kuwait, which has a very authentic and delicious cuisine with the influence of different cultures, helps you to have a unique gastronomic experience by taking advantage of the power of spices

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