Alice Milano Tattoos and Meanings

Alice Milano Snake Tattoo
Alice Milano Snake Tattoo

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular today in the circles of celebrities. Someone makes them as a sign of strong love, and someone applies them in their youth.

One of the brightest representatives of modern foreign cinema and the owner of 8 very impressive tattoos, which are not only a wonderful decoration, but also a meaningful interpretation of “essence” is the famous and Native American actress Alice Milano. But in addition to her acting talent, one can also say about her as a good singer and a wonderful dancer.

Milano’s acting career began at the age of seven, when her nanny (who plays in the theater) took the girl to audition for the play “Annie”, where young Alice managed to get into the four finalists. And since that time Milano has appeared in many TV shows and movies, including: “Tony’s Reward”, “Commando”, “Vampire’s Embrace”, “Glory Day”, “Double Dragon”, “Hugo Poole” and many others. But she reached the peak of popularity, playing the role of Phoebe Halliwell in the famous television series “Charmed” (The Women of Charmed).

In addition to her acting talent, she surprised Milano with her luxurious tattoos. There are only eight of them. The first Alice Milano made a tattoo in her youth… This is the fairy on her belly, which can be seen in the photo. Such a tattoo designates the forces of fate that determine a person’s life. Further in the photo you can see how Alice Milano, whose tattoo in the form of a sacred heart just below her back, shows her true femininity and truly romantic nature.

Two more of her tattoos do not remain unnoticed: these are prayer beads on the back, as a direct part of the Milano rosary collection, and the Buddhist sign Om, located on the left wrist, as a memory of her ex-husband. Looking at Alice’s right ankle, you can also see a wreath of flowers, and on the left, there is a tattoo in the form of an angel holding a cross with the initials SWR – her failed husband. The last tattoo symbolizes unrequited love. There was also a trace left after a trip to South Africa – a snake that bites its tail as a symbol of rebirth. It is located on the right wrist. It can be noted that Alice Milano and this tattoo are linked by unbreakable memories

And finally, the highlight of her collection is the Chinese character on the neck. As you can see, it was not for nothing that in 2004 she received the status of “The most popular tattooed woman on Earth” and took 2nd place after Angelina Jolie.

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