Places to visit in Istanbul, Accommodation in Istanbul Old City Hotels

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its historical richness. People who want to experience the atmosphere created by historical beauties are in search of Istanbul old city hotels. Istanbul is for you if you want to experience the fascinating feeling of witnessing history!

Reasons to Visit Istanbul

Istanbul; has hosted many empires throughout history. In addition to its cultural richness, it also draws attention to its natural beauty. Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sophia can be shown as an example of cultural beauties. However, it fascinates with its beauty on the Bosphorus, between the continents of Asia and Europe. Traveling to Istanbul means not only traveling but also experiencing new tastes.

You can experience the delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine on your trip. You will have the chance to experience foods that are important in Turkish cultures such as kebab, baklava, iskender, and Turkish delight. If you have researched Istanbul, you must have heard of the historical peninsula. The historical peninsula; is the place where the city of Istanbul was founded for the first time. To stay in a place of such great importance and history; helps you fully feel Istanbul’s history.

Best Places to Visit in the Historic Peninsula

The historical peninsula is at the top of the travel list of people who will visit Istanbul! You can experience the cultural richness of Istanbul in this region. Many places to visit are found in this region.

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Gulhane Park
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Sultanahmet Mosque

These places can be given as examples of places to visit. If you want to have a more comfortable trip, you can consider staying in the historical peninsula. You can choose your accommodation by searching for Istanbul hotels near Hagia Sophia.

Add Beauty to Your Holiday with Royan Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul

People who are looking for a hotel in the historical peninsula; may encounter the first Radisson Individuals hotel in Turkey. This hotel, which is part of Radisson Hotels in Istanbul; attracts attention with its central location. Royan Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul; has a design that will enchant its guests.

Sultanahmet hotels
Royan Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Reasons to Stay at Royan Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Drawing attention with its stylish design, Royan Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul; has 49 rooms. These rooms, which can be described as standard, premium, and suite, have a very successful view. If you wish, you can choose from the rooms overlooking the garden or the Marmara Sea.

You may need to walk a lot while traveling. Located in a very central location, Royan Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul makes your travel easier. It is within walking distance of places to visit in the historical peninsula. But if you don’t want to walk, the tram stop is also very close. The hotel has two restaurants, Lobby Lounge and Rooftop. In these restaurants, you can taste various foods from the world cuisine and have a pleasant time.

Have you visited Istanbul before? What places would you recommend to people who are going to Istanbul to visit?

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