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Venice Attractions

Venice is one of the places that enthroned my heart with its visuality and delicious cuisine. It is also a very convenient destination for a few days vacations and long weekends. There is so much to do in the city and the surrounding islands. History, art, landscape all in one…

 When is said, the most famous place in the city is San Marco Square, which is swarming with hundreds or even thousands of tourists at any given moment. In the evening, it is quite fun to sit in the cafes around or wander around with wine and observe the dynamics of the square. The streets behind the square are full of restaurants and souvenir shops. The only downside of the square is the possibility of flooding in rainy weather. Platforms are placed so that people can walk comfortably when it floods in the rain. As every beautiful thing has a problem, this romantic city full of canals also has a flood problem.

Places to Visit in Venice

One of the important structures in the Square is the Basilica of St. Mark’s. With its mosaics and gold-plated decorations, this is a place that expresses the richness and splendor of Venice in its time. The ceiling and floor coverings and mosaics of the basilica are quite impressive. One of the floor coverings is in the shape of a heart. It turns out that under this figure was the heart of Duke Francesco Rizzo. His body was buried elsewhere. St. Mark’s Basilica used to be the chapel of the Palazzo Ducale, that is, the Palace of the Dukes, right next to it.

The Palace of the Dukes is the symbol of Venice with its pink-white columned structure. Contrary to the peaceful appearance of pink tones, this palace has a bloody history. You can also visit the dark side of the palace, which consists of prisons and torture rooms, depending on the type. Based on the letters of complaint thrown into the mouth of a lion figure on the wall of the palace, a trial was held here, the criminals were interrogated in the torture chambers and imprisoned.

The prisoners would pass through the Ponte de Sospiri, or Bridge of Sighs while being interrogated in the torture chambers and thrown into the cells. The windows of the bridge were where they could see Venice one last time and sighed with their sadness.

There are many historical buildings to visit in the city, but among them, it is most enjoyable to follow the flow of daily life without getting too overwhelmed and getting lost in the streets of the city. For example, get up early in the morning and stop by the Rialto Market like the locals of Venice. Stroll between the fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, and fish stalls, and photograph the rhythm of the morning.

things to do in Italy
Venice, Italy

The most important of the Venice museums is the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Peggy Guggenheim lived in Venice for 30 years and exhibited her art collections here. Today it has become one of the most important museums in Venice. This museum, where important modern artworks are exhibited, is one of the places that should be visited.

Venice’s Famous Gondola Tours

Gondola tours are the most famous tourist attraction in Venice. If you buy a gondola tour, remember that you can shape the route according to your wishes. It is quite expensive as it is very touristy. It is possible to browse the channels without paying much. Intra-city transportation is provided by boats called traghettos in different parts of the city. These trips, which are usually made to cross the opposite shore in places where there are no bridges, are very entertaining, even if they are very short. An alternative way to tour the canals is to rent a canoe.

You will see incredibly beautiful glassware, trinkets, and sculptures in Venetian shops. If you want to go to their source, turn your direction to the island of Murano. Both the island is very beautiful and you can watch how the glass is processed in the workshops here. You can even move on to Burano, which is full of colorful buildings.

Exquisite masks sold everywhere in Venice come to life at the carnival in February. During the carnival, the streets are filled with masked people. You can also rent a costume and blend in with the masked crowd. One of the most colorful moments of the carnival is the walk called Zombie Walk. During this period, you will come across all kinds of street parties. Take your wine, and dive into the party atmosphere.

Must Try Food at Italian Cuisine

The food and beverage section is one of the best parts of Venice. As you know, Italian cuisine is already a wonder. Seafood risottos and spaghetti are delicious in Venice. One of the things you should try is Cicchetti. Like the tapas of Spain, these are small snacks. You can go and taste the Cicchetti bars called Bacari. Another delicacy you should try in Venice is spritz, which is usually prepared with prosecco and Aperol. Here you can find the plane tickets you need to taste all these delicacies and discover Venice.

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