Cycling in Girona Spain, Best Europe Cycling Vacations

Spain is one of the leading bicycle countries in Europe. There are so many beautiful road biking routes and trails in Spain. Girona is one of the best road cycling destination in Spain.

These vacations are very different from the typical experiences of sitting on the beach or taking a short break in a city on a crowded route. They are very sociable and enjoyable. Each of the tours are accompanied and you sleep incredibly well afterwards – it’s a revelation to be cycling and moving whilst travelling if you’re used to sitting down for much of the day. It is also very unusual to come home from a vacation feeling and look better than ever before training – even if you enjoy a lot of delicious local food and drink while you are away.

Enjoy Your Vacation by Bike

Vacation experiences are often overshadowed by lost trips or unknown roads. But cycling holidays are a completely different experience. You can experience the world at your own pace on two wheels. Prefer for a gentle meandering bike ride through the Loire in France. Accelerate while riding a high-tech bike in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Travel through Vietnam and explore the US coast – the choice is yours.

Activities in Girona
Cycling in Girona

Cycling in Girona

Girona is situated over 100km toward the upper east of Barcelona, sitting underneath the shadow of the Pyrenees mountains. Girona is the new favorite spot of many racing bike pros with good reason. Around 100 kilometers north of Barcelona, the city is implanted in the mountains of the Catalan Costa Brava hinterland. The roads that lead through the mountain road with a Mediterranean atmosphere and little traffic.

The roads are generally quiet and in good condition. Drivers are considerate, and the climate ought to be hospitable. You may not get snow-topped pinnacles, yet there’s amazing view and brilliant, fluctuated riding toward each path. It takes under 15 minutes to get away from the bounds of the stone city and meet the nation paths, and wide roads.

Best Time to Ride in Girona

All year around is great, but Girona is at its very best from March – June & September – December

Girona Bike Tours

Girona has plenty of bike tour alternatives like Eat Sleep Cycle, Bike Breaks Girona, The Service Course, Bike Cat, and Cicloturisme.

Cycling Rules in Spain

The top speed is 30 km / h. You may not drive on sidewalks, sidewalks, public parks and other pedestrian zones, except at a speed of less than 10 km / h and under the following circumstances: There are no separate lanes for cyclists.

How to Get to Girona?

You can fly into Girona’s own air terminal, a taxi to the city will cost you about €30-35 euros. From Barcelona airport to Girona it’s around 105 km (and takes about 1.5 hours by taxi ). Morever you can get a Barcelona-Girona train, yet you’ll have to get the train from the airport into Barcelona before getting an alternate train north to Girona. On the other hand, you can travel to Barcelona, has a transfer time of about an hour and a half – a taxi is around €130-140.

Barcelone to Girona Map
Barcelone to Girona

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