Best Tulum Resorts 2021 – Plan Your Next Vacation in Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, is an ancient ruined town that can be seen along with the Playa del Carmen in Baja California, Mexico. The Aztecs used this old city as their capital of Baja, California. This ancient ruin is home to some of the most Mexico’sell-known and beautiful sights of Mexincludes the ancient ruins of Tenochtitlan, the town square, and Cinco de Mayo (Fiesta Deco), along with some of the finest and most beautiful meccas in Mexico.

Mexico Map
Mexico Map


Canyons are lined along the beachfront, and many are marked with pictures depicting the history and mystery that can be found in ruins.

Piedra Escondida
Piedra Escondida

There are Cenotes found throughout the town square as well as along the beachfront. There are also sandstone formations called palaces located around the beachfront and are the best place for viewing a breathtaking sunset.

Many locals and tourists love to stay at the beachfront hotels while enjoying Tulum Mexico travel’s beautiful sights.

Best Tulum Resorts

  1. Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort
  2. Piedra Escondida
  3. Hip Hotel Tulum
  4. Diamante K
  5. Encantada Tulum
  6. Coco Limited
  7. Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
  8. Mereva Tulum by Blue sky
  9. The Beach Tulum
  10. Casa Malca
  11. Be Tulum Hotel
  12. Mimosa Tulum
  13. Naay Boutique Hotel
  14. Nueva Vida de Ramiro
  15. Selina Tulum
Hip Hotel Tulum
Hip Hotel Tulum

Shopping Areas

The beachfront is where you will find Tulum’s best views as well as some of the best shopping areas in the area. Many interesting shops are located along the beachfront, including local artisans who sell various items such as ceramic statues, terracotta pots, shells, wooden sculptures, and glassware. Pools are lined along both sides of the beachfront and several hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants. These structures are reminiscent of pre-Hispanic days and are unique to Mexico.

Mexican Styles

If you like shopping, then you will love the shopping center in Tulum. There are several stores where people can buy Mexican style jewelry, accessories, clothes, toys, and books. A few blocks from the beachfront, you will find the Casa Natal boutique, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tulum. Here you will find authentic Mexican artwork and various clothing, accessories, bedding, and toys.

Piedra Escondida Hotel
Piedra Escondida Hotel


While you are in Tulum, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the beaches. The white sandy beaches and clear blue waters offer an ideal place for snorkeling and other water activities. Many hotels in Tulum, Mexico, also have beaches that are available to visitors.


If you plan a Tulum trip, it is a good idea to book your hotel in advance. Most Tulum hotels offer packages that include airfare, rental car, rental bikes, and other services needed for an enjoyable vacation. To save money on your hotel accommodations, look for discounts online. You can also contact the resort of your choice and ask if they have a special package or value for pre-booked hotel stays. Most resorts offer special deals for groups and families staying at the same time.

There are many activities you can enjoy while you are on vacation in Tulum. It is easy to explore since there are many attractions in the area. Exploring the site will allow you to experience Mexico’s rich culture.

Teetotum Hotel, Tulum
Teetotum Hotel, Tulum

Travel Packages

Mexico travel packages are the best way to ensure that you get the complete experience when visiting Tulum. There are many hotels in Tulum, Mexico that offer comfortable accommodations and tours at a low price. Mexico travel packages will help you save money on your hotel accommodations, activities, meals, and sightseeing experiences while you are visiting this peaceful and romantic town located in the mountains of Chihuahua.


If you plan a vacation to this part of Mexico, you can find the best travel deals by visiting online travel websites and booking your vacation plans online. The internet has made it very easy to plan your next vacation and explore all the sites and attractions that Tulum offers.

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