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Timati's Body Tattoo
Timati’s Body Tattoo

The appearance in the world of show biz of such a character as Timati was quite predictable, because the niche of rap performers was free and there was no clear leader there. Timati – in the world Timur Yunusov showed great promise from birth. Being a native Muscovite, despite his bright appearance, the guy strove to be educated and intelligent, which goes against his lifestyle.

Having passed the show business school at one of the “Factories”, Timati found a sea of ​​admirers of his work, and today he has no equal in the Russian Olympus of stars in his segment. The guy leads an active lifestyle – he records duets with famous foreign rap performers, owns a nightclub and promotes his clothing line to the market. meanwhile, Timati owes even more popularity not only to his bright appearance, but also to a large number of tattoos.

Today tattoos Timati are the most numerous, but this does not harm his appearance and looks so organic on the body that it is difficult to imagine that Timati once had no tattoos. Rapper Timati’s tattoos deserve closer attention, after all, according to the confessions of the singer himself, they all have a semantic load, and are not just pictures on his body.

So the singer’s fingers adorn the English letters, adding which you can get an expression with wishes of good luck. Certainly, in every clip, this tattoo is a kind of completion of a happy story, which has already become a kind of trademark of the singer. Having lived part of his life in Los Angeles, it was there that Timur became an adherent of the rap culture and a fan of tattoos. As a true rapper, Timati has a large number of tattoos on his body.

Timati made his first tattoo in Los Angeles, where this art work is treated very responsibly. It is extremely difficult to list all the tattoos of rapper Timati today, we will note only a few of them. So on the back of the singer there is one that is represented by a large skull with crossed microphones and the inscription “The Boss”. The upper part of the back is decorated with the Moscow City tattoo, the meaning of which is not difficult to guess.

On the outside of the palms, there is the inscription “Black Star”, indicating a love of rap culture, which is known to be prized among African Americans. Timati’s tattoos on the elbows, where two large stars are located, are also interesting. Timati’s tattoos can be listed for a long time, but it is certainly worth noting that they are all applied with high quality and in the leading salons of the world, which allows us to talk about their durability and safety.

Timati's Back Tattoo
Timati’s Back Tattoo
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