Johnny Depp Tattoos and Meanings, Johnny Depp Tattoos Photos

Johnny Depp's Tattoos Photos
Johnny Depp Tattoo Meanings

Johnny Depp, one of the most popular Hollywood actors, is a loyal fan of tattoos. There are 29 different tattoos on the celebrity’s body.

The meanings of the actor’s tattoos

According to the actor himself, tattoos reflect the vicissitudes of his life path.

There are as many as tattoos on the celebrity’s right hand. Among them:

  • “Wino forever”, which once looked like “Winona forever” and was dedicated to former lover Winona Ryder;
  • Indian chief as a symbol of Indian blood flowing in Depp’s veins;
  • the symbol “The brave” – ​​a film directed by an actor, in which he played the main role;
  • the index finger shows 3 tiny triangles;
  • figure in the form of a sailor;
  • skull with bones;
  • the image of a soaring bird, below is the name of Jack’s son;
  • image of a hexagram from the Book of Changes
  • snake sign of the Indians
  • image of a crow
  • on the wrist the phrase “No reason”, which is intended for him, and not for those who see it.

Johnny Depp’s left arm also has tattoos.

  • image of a heart with mother’s name
  • inverted triangle
  • the phrase “Silence. Exile. Cunning “- a quote from the book” Portrait of an artist in his youth
  • number 3, which has a special meaning for an actor
  • image of 3 hearts-symbols of members of the Depp family: two children and Vanessa Paradis
  • an image of a female waitress, which was taken at the same time as the aforementioned sailor tattoo
  • voodoo tattoo with the words “Salve” and “Ogum”
  • rook holding playing cards symbol of a card game
  • funny guy with a guitar
  • zigzag on the left hand
  • skull key

Johnny Depp also has several tattoos on his chest: the name of Lilly-Rose’s daughter on the left next to the heart and a circle-seal with the word “Brother” in Theban.

The actor’s legs are also decorated with tattoos. On the right: Indian shield – the symbol of Depp’s acceptance into the Indian tribe; the phrase “Death is inevitable.” On the left is an image of Gonza’s fist in memory of a deceased friend, a small question mark and 3 dots, the meaning of which Depp does not reveal.

Johnny Depp regularly replenishes the “collection” of tattoos on his body and maybe soon we will see new images.

Johnny Depp Tattoo Meanings
Johnny Depp Hand Tattoo
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