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Finland travel has become very trendy in the past few years. This is partly due to Finland’s stunning countryside and the fact that the winter is milder than in many other European countries.

Many people choose to spend their vacations in Finland because they find the climate here to be extraordinary.

Finland Map

Finland Map
Finland Map


Finland has an interesting history and its ancient castles are steeped in history and legend. Finland was mentioned in ancient Greek literature and has been mentioned in historical works by other cultures, including the Romans. Some of the castles in Finland are open to the public and others are open to those who want to explore, including visitors who are on a holiday to Finland.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo
Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo

Some gorgeous hiking paths in Finland and travelers who plan to travel on vacation to Finland should take them. The best hiking paths are located in Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Hiking is enjoyable during all seasons and there are some wonderful places to hike where the weather remains pleasant throughout the year. Finland is a North European country that borders Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, sits on a peninsula surrounded by the Baltic Sea and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea.

Best Finland Hotels and Resorts

  1. Hotel Vanajanlinna, Hameenlinna
  2. Hotel Haikko Manor, Porvoo
  3. Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo
  4. Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos, Rovaniemi
  5. Hotel Haven, Helsinki
  6. Klaus K, Helsinki
  7. Hotel Lilla Roberts, Helsinki
  8. GLO Hotel Kluuvi, Helsinki
  9. Hotel Kämp, Helsinki
  10. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselkä


Helsinki is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Europe. The landscape of Finland is very picturesque and there are many awe-inspiring landscapes that one can visit while in Finland. Finland is also very proud of its national parks, some of which are open to the public. In recent years, more visitors have begun to come to these parks because of their beauty and serenity.

Hotel St. George, Helsinki, Finland
Hotel St. George, Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish people are proud of their country and are eager to share their culture with visitors who come to visit. The Finnish architecture is very modern and there are many national museums as well as national historic sites to see in Finland. One of the most famous national parks in Finland is Teimoara national park. This park has a unique landscape that is known for bird watching and is also a haven for many finches and other flying animals.


Another popular destination in Finland is the southern part of the Lapland region. This region is well-known for the many Finnish people that live there and for the warm climate that is enjoyed by so many Finnish people each year. The summer is very hot and many Finnish people stay in holiday homes either in Finland or abroad where they can avoid the blistering temperatures.

Hotel Torni, Helsinki, Finland
Hotel Torni, Helsinki, Finland

Finland is also quite famous for the rich history that the many ancient artifacts that exist in Finland display. These artifacts date back to the 9th century and have been found in such amazing places as the Kirilov Castle, the Finish homesteads, and the Bleeding Tooth cave. Several interesting museums display the various artwork and traditions that the ancient people of Finland practiced.

Many people enjoy going on holiday to Finland and staying in holiday cottages, which are quite popular with many Finnish people who want a relaxing vacation and privacy. These holiday cottages are available throughout Finland and you can choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes.


While many people visit Finland each year, there are still many people who would like to experience a little bit more and spend their vacations more excitingly. One way to do this is to take part in a Finland travel adventure. Many adventure tourism companies are available in Finland and you can make use of these services to experience a little more and enjoy a more thrilling way to vacation.

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