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Being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the centre of seductive and exuberant vacation. Buenos Aires has not only varied and diverse physical structure but also elaborate and rich cultural identity. You will join the spirit of Buenos Aires with its national dance, tango. As long as you take step towards Buenos Aires, you will feel the rhythm of the city. 

Buenos Aires is famous for its old neighborhoods, romantic restaurants, beautiful parks and great nightlife.

The first rhythm you feel will be its spectacular sights. Recoleta area represents art, elegance, and leisure and night life, characteristics which concentrate the many characters of the elite. Palermo Parks are the city’s Bois de Boulogne. It is a big park including small ones. Hailed as the most picturesque part of Buenos Aires, San Telmo is said to be the barrio most connected with the Tango. You should visit the world’s most important lyrical theatres, The Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre). Among the interesting buildings, there is Nuestra Señora de Belén Church, decorative church with an interestingly eclectic façade.

Buenos Aires best destinations
Buenos Aires Things To Do

The other joyful rhythm is Tango, loved for everybody around the world. Buenos Aires is the homeland of TangoLa Viruta is a popular place that opens every day and offers tango, rock and roll and salsa lessons and practices. But, if you just want to watch it, there are many tango shows held id Buenos Aires. In the city of rhythm, nightlife is undoubtedly brisk. There are many nightclubs, discos, jazz clubs, and other live music venues.

La Viruta Tango Club Dance Buenos Aires
La Viruta Tango Club

After a tiring and lively day in Buenos Aires, your last rhythm will be the step to your hotel. Like its humming city attractions, it has hospitable hotels for different desires. One of the world’s greatest urban centres that are as alive during the night as it is in the day is Sheraton Libertador Hotel in downtown Buenos Aires.  Located in the midst of the business, and entertainment districts, the Claridge Hotel is one of the traditional alternatives for tourist and business travellers who look for a five-star hotel in Buenos Aires that make them feel comfortable.

In conclusion, to live your vacation in the taste of a joyful song, the exact address is Buenos Aires. Each step will bring you towards a different rhythm by discovering new worlds.

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