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Places to Visit in Salta

Salta is a city in the north-west of Argentina, full of astonishing natural beauties. It is possible to find a place for all tastes here. Activities that will make nature lovers and adrenaline junkies very happy are in Salta!  In our article, you will find the places you must see in Salta.

When creating your plan for places to visit in Salta, it is enough to allocate half a day or a day to the city center. Places to visit gathered near Plaza 9 de Julio, the main square of the city. Basilica de Salta Cathedral in the square will attract your attention with its pink walls.

After the cathedral, you can visit the Museo Arqueologia del Alta Montana, the High Mountain Archaeological Museum. Definitely a museum not to be missed. The most important part of the museum is 3 mummies. These mummies belong to Inca children. It was found on Mount Llullaillaco in 1999. These children were killed centuries ago as altars to the gods. With the effect of the ice, his clothes, hair, and even his internal organs were preserved intact over the years. The mummies are exhibited alternately in the museum so that they can be well preserved.

One of the pleasant places in the city on our list of places to visit in Salta is San Bernardo Hill. It is very pleasant to look at the view of the city and the Andes from this hill, which you can reach with a short cable car ride.

There are two addresses to go especially for souvenir shopping. One is the Sunday street market in Balcarce, and the other is the Mercado Artesanal, a little outside the city.

After a quick tour in the city center, let’s come to the things to do around the city. As you move away from the city, you may encounter places that give the impression of being out of this world. The best way to visit the places I will tell is to rent a car or join tours.

things to do in Salta

After picking up your car, turn towards Cafayate. On the way you will pass Quebrada de Las Conchas. You will see rocks in different shapes, colorful mountains, and rock formations in waves. El Sapo in the shape of a frog, the Anfiteatro you can enter, and the Garganta del Diablo, which has been formed in waves with tectonic movements, are must-see formations. You will also come across a lot of souvenir vendors on the way.

Cafayate is one of Argentina’s wine centers. Especially the wines made with Torrotes grape, which has a perfumed smell, are delicious in this region.

When you go a little further south from Cafayate, you will see the Ruins of Quilmes, after which Argentina’s most famous beer is named. The history of the ruins among the giant cacti dates back to 850 AD. I have to admit, the cacti are more interesting than the ruins, because they’re huge!!!

Another day, make your way north towards Jujuy. Here you will pass through the Humahuaca Valley on the way. You will encounter colorful hills in this valley. This area, known as the Hill of Seven Colors, should definitely be seen. Purmamarca, located right next to the hill, is a cute town full of handicraft shops.

After the seven colored hills, proceed a little further to the west and you will arrive at Salinas Grandes, the rival of the Salar de Uyuni salt lake in Bolivia. This is the right address to take fun photos.

Let’s come to the part that concerns adrenaline lovers. Would you like to go to a height of over 4000 meters by train and pass through scary viaducts? The train that goes from Salta at an altitude of about 1200 meters to La Polvorilla at an altitude of 4200 meters is no longer a piece of cake. When you reach 4000 meters, oxygen masks were placed in order to prevent the problems that may be experienced due to lack of oxygen, and the health team started to work. It’s up to you to enjoy the view with your head relaxed.

Adrenaline-Filled Activities in Salta

Another place to go for adrenaline-filled activities is the Cabra Corral Dam. You can do bungee jumping on this dam at a height of 95 meters by means of a rope attached to a crane. It is also possible to raft on one of the rivers feeding the dam. You can also trek around the dam, passing through places with beautiful views, and finally arrive at an area with historical pictures engraved on the rocks.

Things to do in Salta are endless. Do not neglect your stomach between activities. Salta is one of the cities with the best cuisine in Argentina. You can try some northern delicacies here. “Locro”, a casserole dish made especially in the winter months, “tamales”, a kind of stuffed meatballs covered with corn, and “humita” made with corn, cheese and spices are the delicacies that must be tasted.


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