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Berlin Attractions

Berlin is one of the most beautiful city around the world for me.  With a giant wall dividing the city in two, with the Nazis, with the Second World War, it has taken its place in history in a painful way.  Today, it has become an extremely popular destination with its museums, advanced industry and wild parties.


Museums about Nazi Germany are at the forefront of touristic activities. The most different of these museums is Topography of Terror. The area where the Nazis’ former control room was today has been turned into a museum. This is where the genocidal plans were made and implemented. A place where the perpetrators are told rather than the victims of the Holocaust. Another place to go to learn about the Second World War and the Nazis is the Holocaust Memorial, which consists of 2,711 stone blocks dedicated to the murdered Jews and has an impressive museum downstairs where the letters and photographs of the victims are displayed. To learn about Germany’s more comprehensive history, you can visit the Deutsches Historisches Museum.

Another indispensable part of the city is the border gate called Checkpoint Charlie. The most famous border crossing in the Berlin Wall, this gate still looks like a border gate today, you can even get your passport stamped here. A portion of 1.3 km of the destroyed Berlin Wall still exists. This section, called the East Side Gallery, is enlivened by the paintings of artists from different countries of the world. This wall, which was a symbol of war and discrimination in its time, has become a symbol of art and freedom.

After visiting so many pessimistic museums, if you want to change your mood and include some art, you can visit the art museums of Museum Island located on the Spree River. Hamburger Bahnhof and KW Institute for Contemporary Art are the places that contemporary art lovers should visit. Art in Berlin is not limited to museums! You can come across a giant graffiti on any street at any time. Especially Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg neighborhoods are places where street art peaks. Old buildings and warehouses have turned into works of art. The graffiti can also be visited with a tour.

You should also see the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Parliament Building, which are among the most important places in Berlin. It is free to visit the Parliament Building, but it is necessary to make a reservation in advance and go on the tour with a passport. The view of Berlin seen from the glass dome of the Parliament Building is extremely beautiful. To look at Berlin from above, from above, your address must be the 368-meter-high Fernsehturm TV Tower.

Berlin features
Reichstag Parliament Building

Bustling Parts of Berlin

Let me talk a little bit about the bustling parts of Berlin, parks, gardens and parties. Mauerpark and Tiergarten are parks where Berliners hang out for fun. A huge flea market is set up in Mauerpark on Sundays. You can hunt for vintage items here. In addition, karaoke is performed at the amphitheater in the park on Sundays. 🙂 Another delightful market place is the Markthalle Neun. You can find many foods from different cuisines at Street Food Thursday, which is held on Thursday nights. Berlin’s most famous foods are currywurst and doner kebab!

Another different point of Berlin is Tempelhof Feld, a former airport. It is no longer used as an airport but as a park. It is a place brimming with sunbathers, bikers, skateboarders, kite-flyers and barbecuers. The airport building and the tunnels and shelters under it can be visited with a tour.

Let’s have fun.. There are many places in Berlin where you can party until the morning, but would you like to do something different, like a pool party in the middle of the River Spree? If your answer is “yes”, you should go to Badeschiff. Even if your trip to Berlin coincided with the winter season, don’t worry, the pool is covered in winter. Finally, while touring Berlin, “Was this formerly East Germany or West Germany?” When you are wondering, look at the nearest traffic light. While the traffic lights in West Germany are the way we are used to, those on the East German side are in the shape of a man in a hat.

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