Best Things To Do In Salvador Brazil



7 Things To Do In Salvador Brazil

Salvador de Bahia or briefly Salvador  is the most lively and lively city of its country. It is the capital of music, rhythm and dance, as it is the city with the highest concentration of Brazilians of African origin. As soon as you step into the city, you’ll be immersed in its rhythm, but let’s take a look at 11 things to do in Salvador.

1. Photograph Colorful Houses in Pelourinho.

When you think of Salvador Brazil, a cobblestone street with colorful buildings comes to mind first. This street is located in the historical part of Salvador, in Pelourinho. This neighborhood was once the place where the wealthy Portuguese population lived, and many African slaves were killed in the square of the neighborhood. Now it is quite a fun place full of souvenir shops, street musicians and cafes. Moreover, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can also watch the drumming performance of the band Olodum at Pelourinho.

2. Tour the Museu Afro Brasileiro.

If you want to learn more about both African and Brazilian culture, visit the Museu Afro Brasileiro. Wooden artifacts unique to African natives are particularly interesting.

3. Listen to Jazz at the Modern Art Museum.

Constructed from an old candy factory, the Modern Art Museum is a delightful place for museum lovers. The most enjoyable part of this place is that there are Jazz concerts called Sunset Jazz at the Solar do Unhão in front of the museum on Sundays in summer rather than the museum itself.

4. Take a Tour of the Cathedral.

Salvador is a city with over 370 cathedrals. Some are quite magnificent. Especially since the São Francisco Cathedral is one of the most beautiful examples of colonial period architecture, it is a very important place. The interior decoration of the cathedral is also exquisite. The decorations on the ceilings are plated with gold. That’s why it’s called the “golden church”.

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5. Watch Dance Shows, Dance.

Salvador is considered the homeland of the dance. That’s why you should definitely watch a samba show in Salvador. There is another famous dance in Salvador, capoeira. Capoeira is a sport that combines martial arts and dance. African slaves created this art both to protect themselves and to maintain their form in the area they were closed. You can come across and admire young people doing capoeira on the streets and beaches in Salvador. Many tourists who come to Salvador also attend capoeira courses.

6. Watch Carnival.

Although Brazil is famous for its famous carnival, when you ask the locals, you will learn that their preference is the carnival in Salvador. They say that the carnival in Rio is now very touristic, while the one in Salvador has not lost its essence. The fact that there is such a large Afro-Brazilian population is a sign that the most beautiful dance and music will be in Salvador.

7. Watch the Sunset on Elevador Lacerda.

Salvador is a city built on steep slopes. Elecador Lacerda is a famous old art deco elevator that goes up to these slopes. It gets very crowded especially at sunset. The view is magnificent.

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