Best Things To Do In Madrid

Although it is a bit overshadowed by Barcelona, ​​it is actually a magnificent city with nothing missing except the sea. Madrid is a magnificent capital with its wide boulevards, magnificent historical buildings and squares. Let’s see what we can do in Madrid. Our list of things to do in Madrid highlights the extensive variety of history, art, food, fashion, and nightlife.

Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is one of Madrid’s favorite meeting and shopping places. It is a lively place during the day and at night. Another feature of Puerta del Sol is that it is considered to be the 0th km of all highways from Madrid to other parts of Spain.


Tour the Palacio Real

Palacio Real, also known as the Royal Palace, is the largest palace in Western Europe with an area of ​​135,000 square meters and 3,418 rooms. In fact, it is the royal family’s residence, but apart from special celebrations, the family prefers to stay in another palace, not here. The palace is so big that it doesn’t stop. It is a great opportunity to observe the magnificent life of the royal family, especially in the 1700s. Banquet room, porcelain room, weapon room, crown room. Whatever you are looking for, there is.


Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is an area that has witnessed the bloody periods of Spanish history. While it was an area where bullfights were held and markets were established, it became bloody in the 1700s with the increasing effects of the Inquisition. The death sentences from the Inquisition began to be implemented here in front of the public. Nowadays, it is a fun place full of restaurants, cafes and street performers. The most famous food you can taste here is the calamari sandwich. Prices will be a little more expensive than the rest of Madrid.


Madrid Best Places to Visit
Madrid Best Places to Visit

Bernabeu Stadium

An activity that even non-football fans can enjoy is watching a match at the , home of Real Madrid.


Palacio de Cibeles

One of Madrid’s most beautiful buildings is the Palacio de Cibeles. It serves as a post office Wouldn’t you like to send postcards to your loved ones from here?


Templo de Debod

Another place you can go to soak up the sun is Templo de Debod. You might say, what is the Egyptian temple doing in Madrid? Once upon a time, a dam was built on the place where this temple stood in Egypt, and the Spaniards undertook the construction of this dam. Egypt gave this temple to Spain as a gift.

Prado Museum

Prado Museum is a giant art museum where you can lose yourself. It is so big that even if you try to visit the “important artifacts” in the brochure they give at the entrance of the museum, it will take hours. The most famous work you can see is Velazquez’s Las Meninas.


Reina Sofia Museum

If you have enjoyed viewing the famous works of art, don’t hesitate, head towards the Reina Sofia Museum. Here you can see Pablo Picasso’s famous Guernica painting and his sketches while painting it.


Palacio de Cristal

Parque del Retiro is a place where you can go to relieve your tiredness, watch young people doing sports, and soak up the sun. Its biggest feature is that it hosts the Palacio de Cristal. This is a building made entirely of glass and metal. It was designed as a greenhouse where plants that were once brought from the Philippines would be exhibited. It now houses some of the collections of the Reina Sofia museum.


Gran Via Street

At Gran Via street full of shops, restaurants and cafes will be waiting for you. Not to mention the beauty of the buildings on the street.


Mercado de San Miguel

For a meal or a small tapas snack with a beer, choose Mercado de San Miguel. You can eat delicious hams and taste all kinds of tapas in this market, where huge pig legs hang from the ceiling.

In this article we have published the list of what you should not miss in Madrid. Please share your comments about Madrid in our comment section below. 🙂

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