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Jordan is the only Arab state in the world that has land on its doorstep and is rich in cultural heritage. Jordan Travel offers the best tour packages to this friendly country. Jordan is well known for its all-natural beauty, spectacular scenery, and beautiful Jordan River. Along with its rich culture, Jordan Travel also knows no limits as it offers the world’s largest continuous waterway between East and West Jordan. It is Jordan’s lifeline as it connects Amman in the east with Jordon in the west.

Jordan Map

Jordan Map
Jordan Map

Jordan Travel offers several Jordan Travel tour packages divided into “appreciation” packages and “swing” packages that include Jordan’s major tourist cities.

Best Jordan Luxury Hotels and Resorts

  1. Moevenpick Petra Nabatean Castle
  2. Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort
  3. Moevenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea
  4. InterContinental Aqaba
  5. Four Seasons Amman
  6. Kempinski Hotel Amman
  7. InterContinental Amman Jordan
  8. Moevenpick Resort Petra
  9. Marriott Amman
  10. Le Royal Hotel Amman
  11. Ma’In Hot Springs
  12. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea

Today, it is one of the most vibrant and developed cities in Jordan. The Jordan River is one of the natural wonders in this region and offers excellent sceneries and beautiful beaches.

Mövenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel
Mövenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel

Amman: This city is considered the “capital” of Jordan. It is regarded as the “Wadi Rum” or “western bank.” Apart from its peaceful and beautiful location, this city offers an impressive tourist ambiance. There are several hotels and restaurants in this city and many tourist attractions.

Jordan’s major attraction in this region includes; the Al Jamah Mosque and Medina. Some of the other tourist attractions in this city include; King David Dome, King Faisal bin Abdul-Hussein’s mosque, and the Al Hazra Tomb. Several Jordan’s beaches include; Javea, Tamra, Hurghada, and Bechtel.

Four Seasons Amman
Four Seasons Amman

Other places include; the Al Hadala Gate, King Abdullah’s House, National Museum, King Faisal Bin Abdul-Hussein Al-Hussef’s House, King Hamad bin Laden’s House, King Faisal Bin Zayed’s House, and others.

Damac, Beit Al-Faqih: This is a place where you can enjoy recreational activities, sports, and leisure. There are various sports that you can enjoy here like; diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other adventurous sports. There are also several sightseeing spots in this city.

Marriott Amman
Marriott Amman

It is a city that has a pleasant climate throughout the year. You can enjoy a comfortable environment while traveling here. Various restaurants serve international cuisines, and there are also hotels and rest houses, which provide comfortable accommodation to the tourists’ who tour this city.

Therefore it is advisable to carry along some form of medical medication while visiting these places. The most common medical ailments treated with medications include; ear infections, diabetes, and heart conditions.

Le Royal Hotel Amman
Le Royal Hotel Amman

This is another popular and right place in Jordan Travel where you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment. There are various entertainment places in this city where you can spend your time like fishing, golf, horse riding and many more. The environment of Ras Mohammed is lovely and soothing.

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