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Czech Republic Destinations – The first and most important fact about the Czech Republic is that it is not an easy country to visit. It is a small country with diverse geography and a vast amount of land. This is evident from the fact that there are more cities in the Czech Republic than in Switzerland.

Yet, despite this, Prague which is the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the best destinations in Europe to visit.

Czech Republic (Czechia) Map

Czech Republic (Czechia) Map
Czech Republic (Czechia) Map

It has been around for over a thousand years, so the city is well preserved and has a rich heritage. A must-see in Prague is the Castle Church and Museum which are situated on the Old Town square. Next on our list of Czech Republic destinations is Bratislava. Bratislava is known as the “White City” of the Czech Republic due to its white architecture.

Best Czech Republic (Czechia) Destinations

  1. Pruhonice Park
  2. Karlstejn Castle
  3. Hluboká Castle
  4. Konopiste Chateau and the Archduke’s Trophies
  5. The Bohemian Paradise
  6. Kutná Hora
  7. Glassworks of Karlovy Vary
  8. Spectacular Libraries: The Clementinum and Strahov Monastery
  9. The Colonnades and Spas of Karlovy Vary
  10. Bone Collectors: Czech Crypts, Tombs, and Cemeteries
  11. Brno’s Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul
  12. Ceský Krumlov Castle
  13. Prague’s Old Town Square & Wenceslas Square
  14. St. Vitus Cathedral
  15. Prague’s Charles Bridge
  16. Prague Castle

Czech Republic Destinations – In Prague, there is the Old Town Square where you can easily buy souvenirs or even a souvenir book. The Old Town is also a historical place because it contains the remains of the Prague Castle. This is a definite must-see in Prague as the Castle was the capital of the Czech Republic and is now protected as a World Heritage Site. We have also included two places to visit in Prague, the Castle Church and Museum. These places are located next to the Old Town.

Ceský Krumlov Castle
Ceský Krumlov Castle

Czech Republic Destinations – As you would expect, another very popular destination on our list of Czech Republic travel destinations in Brno. All these churches collectively make Brno into a very interesting place to visit during your stay in this beautiful city.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle

Kuhn Hora is located near Zliny Monastery. Here you will find a very impressive monastery that was destroyed during World War II. It attracts thousands of tourists who come to see the wonderful architectural designs of the old buildings made in the 14th century.

There is a good selection of hotels in Prague close to the Kutn Hora including Radenice Hotel, Radenice Residence, Radenice Hotel, St. John’s Hotel, etc. To travel to other parts of the country you can take a coach or a taxi.

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