Best Bulgaria Travel Hotels 2021 – A Guide to Bulgaria Travel Tips

Bulgaria travel tips are mainly centered on enjoying the beauty of this eastern European country. Bulgaria has a rich culture and beautiful landscape. The country is known for its love of arts and its focus on conservation. Bulgaria was listed in the list of protected areas for biodiversity.

Bulgaria Map

Bulgaria Map
Bulgaria Map

Official Name: Kingdom of Bulgaria. City: Sofia. Capital: Sofia. Government: constitutional republic established by the Bulgarian people.


This city is very popular because it attracts thousands of visitors from across the world. There are plenty of sightseeing places to see in Sofia City.  Certain portions of the country’s interior are protected for tourism. Bulgaria became a UNESCO city in 2020.

Hotel Holiday Inn Sofia, Bulgaria
Hotel Holiday Inn Sofia, Bulgaria


Your Bulgaria travel information should not include information on how to get to Bulgaria and which parts you will visit. There are several ways to get into the country. The country is surrounded by several smaller neighbors, so you will need to get a visa for each destination before traveling. Once you have all the paperwork in place, your paperwork will clear at the border.

Travel Tips

Bulgaria travel tips involve being organized. Make sure you pack everything you will need for your trip. Pack clothes for climate and weather, water and food, and toiletries. Leave at least two weeks before your trip, so that you can be in front of time and avoid the rush. Also, get your passport renewed before you travel.

Grand Hotel Velingrad
Grand Hotel Velingrad

The best Bulgaria travel tips include asking for advice at the airport as well as while traveling around the city. Sofia is a big city and many people can help you during your stay there. At the airport, speak to the local representatives to find out about any local information you may need. Many places in Sofia have a tourist office, so ask them for information about traveling there. There are also many tourist guides available to give you information about the city.

When eating out, choose a place that is clean, tidy and where the staff speaks English. The price you pay for eating out may seem cheap, but it may not be healthy for you. Stick to eateries that are within walking distance of your hotel.

Be careful what you eat during meals. Do not eat too much in one sitting or you will feel dizzy. Always have a small plate to eat with. Do not drink more than one glass of soda per meal. It may taste great, but it will fill you up very quickly.

Bansko, Bulgaria


Bulgaria is an ancient country with a rich historical background. Make sure to learn all you can about the country’s culture and history. This will help you during your travels and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of each visit. Bulgaria has several attractions, including an active theatre, several art galleries and museums, a large museum, the world-famous Blue Train, and popular nightlife.

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