Demi Lovato Tattoos, Celebrity Tattoos Female, Demi Lovato Tattoos Meanings

Demi Lovato was born on August 20, 1992. Demi Lovato is a singer, songwriter and actress. Demi Lovato’s artistic tattoos are very popular and are followed with interest by her fans. Let’s take a look at Demi Lovato’s artistic inks adorning her body.

Demi Lovato tattoos meanings
Demi Lovato Tattoo

Demi Lovato Neck Tattoos

Celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo inked Demi Lovato’s survivor tattoo.

Demi Lovato’s other tattoo is Feather. Demi Lovato’s feather tattoo is behind her left ear. She said in an interview that the feather has no meaning and that she just loves.

Demi Lovato Back Tattoos

List of Demi Lovato back tattoos: Now I’m a Warrior, Fallen Angel, VIII VIII MCMLXII, II IV MCMLXXXVIII, XII XXVIII MMI, II XIV MCMLXIII, X XXIII MCMLX tattoos.

Demi Lovato’s Roman numerals tattoo is on the side of her breast. These Roman Numerals represent the birth dates of family members. VIII VIII MCMLXII Roman numerals is August 8, 1962. The date of birth of Demi Lovato’s mother. II IV MCMLXXXVIII Roman numerals made for Demi Lovato’s sister. It symbolizes Dallas Lovato’s birth date February 4, 1988. XII XXVIII MMI roman numerals symbolize the birth date of his half-sister Madison De La Garza. Her date of birth is December 28, 2001. II XIV MCMLXIII roman numerals symbolize the birth date of her stepfather Eddie De La Garza, February 14, 1963. X XXIII MCMLX roman numerals symbolize the birth date of his father Patrick Lovato, 23 October 1960. In style, it is similar to Angelina Jolie’s tattoo with the birth coordinates of her children.

Demi Lovato tattoo back
Demi Lovato Roman Numerals Tattoo

Demi Lovato got this tattoo inked in 2013. Demi Lovato chose this tattoo from the Warrior song. She inked Demi Lovato’s back tattoo that now I’m a warrior.

Demi Lovato completed this tattoo with 8 hours of work in the last days of 2019. The artist of this tattoo is Alessandro Capozzi. She said that it symbolized the spiritual awakening she had. It is one of the best Demi Lovato back tattoos.

Demi Lovato Arm Tattoos

Demi Lovato has many tattoos adorning her arms. List of Demi Lovato right arm tattoos: Strong, Cross, Faith, Flock of birds, Rock n’ Roll, Outline of Africa, Lion, Free tattoos. List of Demi Lovato left arm tattoos: Stay, Lips, Peace, III, Rose, Smiley face, me, Mimaw tattoos.

Demi Lovato Hand Tattoo
Demi Lovato Arm Tattoo

Demi Lovato Foot Tattoos

Demi Lovato has Let Go & tattoos on her right foot and “Let God” on her left foot. Demi Lovato foot tattoo was inked in 2012. Also in memory of Demi Lovato’s dead dog Buddy, she has ink on her left foot. This tattoo has the words Buddy was here.

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