Tina Kandelaki Tattoos and Meanings

Tina Kandelaki Hand Tattoo
Tina Kandelaki Hand Tattoo

Tina Kandelaki is the fastest-speaking TV presenter in the country. Her ability to pronounce a large amount of text in a short period of time made many smile at first. But over time, it became a kind of visiting card of the TV personality, which never ceases to amaze us with its various talents.

Not only the professional career of the star deserves attention, but also her attitude to life. Having her own personal opinion on everything, Tina amazes the public with her statements and actions. Not so long ago, she parted with her husband, a businessman, with whom she managed to give birth and raise two children, while her husband’s mother chose the side of her daughter-in-law and stayed with her and with her grandchildren.

A few years ago, rumors about Tina’s “fall from grace” were actively circulated in the press, when, being in the same car with a well-known businessman, she had a terrible accident. For a long time, Tina hid her hands under gloves, ostensibly hiding her burns from the public. However, at one of the parties, the star showed completely whole hands, and the left one was decorated stylish tattoos by Tina Kandelaki

At first glance, Tina Kandelaki’s tattoo looked like an inverted treble clef, which caused a lot of indignation among many critics, they say, could she really sing now? When asked about the meaning of the tattoo, Tina Kandelaki simply kept silent for a long time, which is unusual for her.

More recently, the secret of Tina’s tattoo was revealed. On the left hand of the diva, a magical sign of strength is applied. Experts say that Kandelaki’s tattoo means nothing more than the energy of light. On the left hand, the signs of Reiki are applied – the energy of light and cosmic energy. The presence of this sign on the body gives its owner the opportunity to heal himself on an emotional level.

Tina Kandelaki Leg Tattoo
Tina Kandelaki Leg Tattoo

Another Tina Kandelaki got a tattoo on her left thigh. Now there is a Chinese hieroglyph, the translation of which is simple and understandable “mom”. The TV presenter has always emphasized that her children are the meaning of her life, and she is ready to give up a lot for the sake of their well-being. Tina Kandelaki dedicated the tattoo to children, once again setting her priorities.

Whichever tattoo you choose, it is worth remembering that it should be applied only by true professionals and high-quality paints. Otherwise, the durability and safety of the tattoo will be somewhat questionable.

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