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When Megan Fox did not even think about tattoos, since her dream was an immediate successful career as an actress. The parents of the girl, in whom the blood of the Irish, Indian and French type flows, strove as much as possible that Megan was able to achieve her early goal. Today the question is what do Megan Fox tattoos mean, torments millions of fans of a popular personality.

The global Internet contains a lot of photos of Megan Fox’s celebrity tattoos, but only Megan knows the real reason for creating images on her body. For example, recently an actress, originally from Tennessee, played a role with popular actor Mickey Rourke, and as a result, among Megan Fox’s tattoos, one can find one that was made in honor of the great actor Rourke.

Representatives of the press expect that soon in the photo of Megan’s tattoos, of which there are a little less than a dozen today, it will be possible to find new images and inscriptions. Experts say that if you continue in the same spirit and get a tattoo after each painting, but soon the tattoos will fill Megan Fox’s entire body.

Among the frequent interviews of a Hollywood celebrity, many questions concern exactly the photo of the tattoos of actress Megan Fox. The public is wondering where the idea for another Megan Fox tattoo comes from, the translation of which is very specific. The star admitted that she puts images on her body after experiencing some stress in life and wants to capture such violent emotions in some way. Rumor has it in the press that Megan Fox’s nine tattoos will not stop.

“Celebrity Hunters” take great care to get a tattoo of Fox and other famous people. But, celebrities are the same people who tend to make mistakes, and as a result, some tattoos have to be removed.

We have examined Megan Fox tattoo. Let’s see what these tattoos mean.

Megan Fox Arm Tattoos

Megan Fox had Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right arm but she had this tattoo removed. Megan Fox considered Marilyn Monroe as an idol, and when she was 18, Megan Fox got Marilyn Monroe tattoo inked on her arm. She had this tattoo removed because she was afraid of living a depressed and tragic life like Marilyn Monroe.

Megan Fox sleeve tattoos
Megan Fox Arm Tattoos

Megan Fox has a Yin Yang symbol tattoo on her left wrist. According to Chinese philosophy, before Yin Yang there was eternity, then two opposite forces emerged, Yin and Yang. Accordingly, everything found in nature has an opposite. These opposites are represented as Yin and Yang. Both exist together, and movement is not possible without these two opposing forces.

Megan Fox Rib Tattoo

Megan Fox has a poem tattoo on the left side of her ribs. In the poem, “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART.” writes.

Megan Fox tattoo poem rib
Megan Fox Poem Tattoo

Megan Fox Back Tattoos

“We will all laugh at Gilded Butterflies” is inked on Megan Fox’s back. Quoted from Shakespeare’s King Lear. This tattoo is one of her most popular tattoos.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” She had his article inked by quoting Nietzsche.

Megan Fox tattoos back meaning
Megan Fox Back Tattoos

Megan Fox Neck Tattoos

Megan Fox has a Chinese tattoo on her neck which means strength.

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