Pavel Priluchny’s Tattoos, Pavel Priluchny’s Tattoos and Meanings

Pavel Priluchnyy Tattoo
Pavel Priluchnyy Tattoos Meanings

Today the youth series “Closed School” is being successfully shown on the screens of the country. After the loud start of the first part of the series, fans literally inundated the creators with letters asking them to remove the continuation of the mystical story about the students of an elite closed school.

It is difficult to imagine a series without a bright and talented performer of the main role – Pavel Priluchny, who not only became a kind of “visiting card” of the series, his popularity without any doubt became a part of the series’ success. Pavel Decent became known to the audience after the film “At the Game”. Already today, the actor is in demand in film and television projects, and posters with his image adorn the rooms of most teenagers.

The actor carefully monitors his appearance, and even Priluchny’s new tattoo was made only after long deliberation. It should be noted that the first tattoo of Pavel Priluchny was pierced specifically for filming the film “At the Game” and is a barcode with the inscription “DOC”… According to the actor, the tattoo has long become a part of his image and he has no plans to get rid of it. Paul’s tattoo, which is of great interest to all connoisseurs of tattoo culture, is his hallmark, which reminds the actor of the role that brought him popularity.

More recently, the number of tattoos by Pavel Priluchny has changed. The actor intrigued his fans, in one of the interviews he will announce his desire to get a tattoo in an intimate place, closed from prying eyes. The minds of the fans literally “exploded” in search of an answer – what kind of new tattoo to decorate the body of your favorite actor. In fact, everything turned out to be much more prosaic – as a place for a new tattoos Pavel Priluchny chose the outer part of the right thigh, will place three words there, the general meaning of which is “to keep balance”

Tattoo culture every year becomes more and more in demand and among those who want to make a body drawing, not only the powerful, but also the fair sex, choosing intricate ornaments or floral patterns as a drawing. Giving preference to a particular tattoo, it is worth remembering that any, even at first glance, simple drawing has its own meaning. Among other things, having decided to get a tattoo, we give preference only to professional masters who can guarantee the quality and safety of the tattooing process.

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