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Rapper Guf Arm Tattoo
Rapper Guf Tattoo Meanings


Today, many movie and show business stars get tattoos. They gladly show their tattoos to fans and paparazzi, leaving behind a train of mystery, because it is not so easy to solve the mystery of this or that inscription or picture. Statistics show that men most often get tattoos for themselves; rappers are famous for their special love for this body decoration. Take Timati, for example. There is now very little unused territory left on his body – everything is covered with tattoos.

The famous rapper Guf also boasts tattoos of different significance and stylistic performance. However, first it is worth telling what kind of person Guf is. Today this rapper is extremely famous and with enviable consistency releases new hits that occupy leading positions in the top lists of radio stations. Despite the fact that his style of performance is rap, he is loved not only by connoisseurs of this culture.

Guf’s personal tragedy attracted a lot of attention to him. And today, few people do not know that he managed to get rid of drug addiction. In all of Guf’s works, this theme, one way or another, is present, and the author tries to convey to the audience a serious idea – drugs are death and complete degradation of the personality.

Recently among Guf tattoos a completely new one appeared – an inscription in Arabic. Experts claim that this inscription is somehow connected with drugs, namely there is the inscription “hashish” in Arabic. The rapper’s tattoos deserve special attention, because each of them has its own meaning and significance in the artist’s life.

On Guf’s neck there is an inscription in English – Moscow. Without further ado, Guf pinned the name of his beloved city, of which he is an indigenous inhabitant. His love for the Russian capital is evident in three more tattoos. For example, a beautiful tattoo runs from shoulder blade to shoulder blade on Guf’s back, symbolizing the seven main skyscrapers of the capital.

Rapper Guf Tattoo Meanings
Rapper Guf Arm Tattoo

Guf’s tattoos attract particular attention with their integrity and thoughtful choice. but rapper Guf tattoo in the region of the liver, it introduces a real confusion – there is a ridiculous scheme of Zamoskvorechye, which once again emphasizes his love for Moscow. Some especially devoted fans claim that the Zamoskvorechye scheme indicates the place of residence or the place of the artist’s tempestuous youth.

Two more tattoos of the famous Guf deserve special attention. On the elbow of the right hand is a tape recorder, which was transformed from the word “no”. On the singer’s foot there is an inscription in English – meaning that his wife is one for him. By the way, there is the same inscription on the foot of Guf’s wife, only with the name and surname of the singer.

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