Ivan Okhlobystin’s Tattoos, Ivan Okhlobystin’s Tattoos and Meanings

Ivan Okhlobystin Tattoo Photos
Ivan Okhlobystin Tattoo Meanings

Today, many celebrities adorn their bodies with tattoos. Someone makes harmless Celtic patterns on the ankles and forearms, someone engraves the names of children and lovers on the body, someone prefers more meaningful tattoos, so to speak “speaking about the essence of man.”

Ivan Okhlobystin made tattoos in his youth. When he was not so famous in the world of show business. Today Okhlobystin is a prominent figure not only in the world of cinema, but also in the world of clergy. It is worth noting that Okhlobystin became known to the audience at first as an actor, and only after some time he was recognized as a director.

Okhlobystin’s life was full of troubles and internal torments, about which he repeatedly spoke in numerous interviews. However, the spiritual strength of this man allowed him to turn the tide and radically change his life, becoming a clergyman. Today this amazing actor and director has temporarily given up his dignity and preferred to dissolve in the world of cinema, shining in theatrical performances and the series Interns.

Behind an extraordinary fate hides a strong personality, Ivan Okhlobystin made his tattoos at the dawn of his youth, when he was trying to find his “I”. He made his tattoos, as he himself admits, meaningfully, realizing that these drawings will reflect his “I”. However, today photos of Ivan Okhlobystin’s tattoos adorn many prestigious tattoo parlors.

For example, he made many tattoos in honor of the birth of children. So on his chest, on the left side, skulls appeared one after another. According to Okhlobystin himself, with these tattoos he tried to show that children are forever in his heart and only death can change this.

The actor’s arms and shoulders are decorated with various tattoos, which were not just inscribed as a sign of a fashion trend. All of them, according to the actor, have a deep meaning, reflect this or that period of his life. For example, there is on the body Ivan Okhlobystin tattoo in the form of a blue-eyed dragon. He is embittered but kind. With this dragon, Ivan positions himself. A photo of the tattoo adorns a prestigious salon in Moscow, and many visitors unwittingly try to make themselves the same dragon.

Ivan also has a tattoo in the shape of a unicorn, made in the style of a Celtic pattern. Its peculiarity is that the unicorn is surrounded by marijuana. The actor believes that it is not worth hiding such details of his life from the audience, because this can help someone not to make mistakes that so often break the lives of young people. Despite the rank of a clergyman, Ivan is not going to cleanse his body of tattoos, once again emphasizing his strong will.

Ivan Okhlobystin Arm Tattoo
Ivan Okhlobystin Arm Tattoo
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