5 Best Places to Visit in Ayvalık

There are many places to see in Ayvalık Turkey. Although Ayvalık is a small town, it is also located in the center of Ayvalık and its surroundings. Ayvalık, a settlement belonging to the ancient Greeks, is a complete holiday resort. It is almost a paradise where you can store happiness and energy with its peaceful air, plenty of oxygen and beautiful scenery. If you happen to be in Ayvalık, we definitely recommend you to spend 2-3 days in this paradise.

Ayvalık BeachAyvalık

Especially if you have a busy work schedule and can’t spare much time for yourself, we say you have the right to a vacation. Remember, dear readers, we come to this life only once. Unfortunately, no one will give us the opportunity to come to this world again.

So while there is time, while your hands and feet are still holding, Wander around and see while your opportunities allow it. Throw away the negative energy that life gives you by traveling, seeing new places and getting to know new cultures. Always keep your quality of life high, value yourself. Thus, you will see that many diseases and negative situations like this will also stay away from you. Then let’s list the things you can do in Ayvalık. What you can do in Ayvalık;

Sarimsakli Beach

This beach, located in the vicinity of Ayvalık Küçükköy, is well-known and one of the best beaches in Ayvalık. Sarimsakli Beach is a beach with super sand and clean sand. It is especially suitable for families with children as an elite, the sea is the sea that does not get deeper. This Sarimsakli Beach, which has a very long beach, so umbrellas and shenzogs are both affordable and plentiful. From the Garlic Sea. Click for location.

Ayvalık Sarımsaklı Beach
Sarımsaklı Beach

Çataltepe Beach, Cunda Island

Çataltepe sea, which is close to the center of Cunda, has been the focus of intense attention, especially because of the blue flag. There is no beach for public use, which is in the national park. People usually go to the sea in places located in the forest. In Çakaltepe Bay, you may have difficulty in meeting your toilet, shower and eating and drinking needs.

Cunda Antiques Bazaar

We are sure that this item on our list of places to visit and see in Ayvalık will delight many of our female readers and readers who care about old times! The reason is that; Antiques always remind us of old times. In other words, it takes us to the wonderful memories of our childhood that we forgot but never want to forget. In other words, it is a place where our readers, who care about nostalgia and are happy when they experience nostalgia, can go and see it with pleasure. The Antique Dealers’ Bazaar is located at the entrance of Talat Paşa Street in Ayvalık. In this bazaar, it is possible to find everything from old furniture, paintings, books to many jewelry.

Antiques Bazaar
Cunda Antiques Bazaar

You can stop by the Antiques Bazaar not only to experience nostalgic feelings, but also to enter one of the coffee shops on the street and listen to the music that will accompany you in the background while drinking your coffee, to taste and store this energy. Spending time in the Antiques Bazaar will be quite enjoyable, our sweet readers.

Famous Ayvalık Devil’s Table

Ayvalık Devil’s Table is one of the first places that most people who come to the city of Ayvalık want to go and see, with a magnificent view. It is indeed a place worth seeing, our sweet readers. It is 8 km from the center of Ayvalık. It was named after a pit believed to be the footprint of the devil, so it is called the Devil’s Table. Therefore, if you come here with your loved ones close to sunset, you can have unforgettable memories with your loved ones. And you can take very nice frames by immortalizing them. If you came to Ayvalık and did not come here, you will really regret it.

Famous Barbaros Street

Also, you should do in Ayvalık is to walk on Barbaros Street, one of the longest and most popular streets in the center of Ayvalık, and taste the unique atmosphere in this place. You can’t say you’ve been to the fullest. Therefore, this is one of the first places you should visit. We are talking about a street that is especially rich in art and coffee. It hosts new generation coffee shops, art workshops, and boutique shops that are more stylish than the other. You can also bring beautiful home decor items that will remind you of this place and add color to your home when you come here and return to your home.

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