The Most Beautiful Izmir Bays and Beaches

Izmir is one of the most populated cities in Turkey and this city is known for its holiday areas. Famous for its historical sites, bays, beaches and nightlife, İzmir is a touristic city. Most of those who come here for vacation are foreign tourists and some places in the city are world famous. You will also love Izmir, which is worth visiting and seeing with its immaculate beaches, beaches with clear water and ancient cities.

İzmir is one of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy your holiday with its bays and beaches. Izmir’s nightlife is also different, where you can spend time in its deep blue sea and beautiful comfortable beaches. Famous names take the stage in these nightclubs where DJ performances are held. A pleasant holiday during the day and entertainment at night, İzmir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and some beaches here have a blue flag.

Izmir Bays

Dolungaz Bay Izmir Turkey
Dolungaz Bay

Dolungaz Bay

All of the bays and beaches in Izmir are wonderful. Among these beaches and bays, Dolungaz Bay is among the most beautiful… Dolungaz Bay, one of the little-known bays in Izmir, impresses with its clear water and deep blue sea. This bay, where you can swim comfortably, is rugged. Since the way to the sea is uneven, a part of the road has been cleared.

Dolungaz Bay is one of the rare places where you can spend a quiet time in Izmir with its stunning view and air. Here you can swim and enjoy your holiday. There are facilities around the bay where you can meet all your needs. However, there is also a restaurant and a buffet in this bay. There are luxurious places where you can stay after vacationing and spending time in Dolungaz Bay.

Cleopatra Cove

There are many beautiful coves and beaches in the region that is connected to Çeşme Alaçatı in İzmir. One of these coves is Cleopatra Cove. Cleopatra Bay, one of the famous bays in İzmir, attracts the attention of its visitors with its view. Cleopatra Bay, which is the most beautiful among all, is one of the places where you will love to spend time with its deep blue sea, cold water and clean area.

Cleopatra Bay is one of the beautiful places in Alaçati and it is very pleasant to swim here. golden beach. After sunbathing in Cleopatra Bay, the cold water of the sea will refresh you. One of the most beautiful features of the bay is swimming in its cold and clear water. You have to bring everything you need with you before you come, as there is no business around the Cleopatra Bay of İzmir, which is one of the most popular places to have a holiday.

Delikli Bay

The bays in İzmir are known for their clean waters, clean sands and sun. The beaches of these coves are golden in color and very beautiful. One of these coves, which is among the İzmir bays, is Delikli bay. Delikli Bay, which is 5 km away from Cleopatra Bay, is one of the first places to attract the attention of tourists recently. The feature of this bay, where it is very pleasant to swim with its clean water, is the view of the holes created by the waves by eroding the chalky rock pieces on the shore. This bay, which has a different view, is one of the places where local visitors come and swim.

Izmir Beaches


Yassıca Ada Beach Izmir Turkey
Yassıca Ada Beach

Izmir Altinkoy Beach

There are many beaches in Izmir that are famous for their sun and golden sand. It is among the most known of these beaches where you can swim with your loved ones and sunbathe on the beach. This beach is one of the most quiet family beaches with the most beautiful view.

Altınköy beach, which is shown among the cold beaches of the Urla district of Izmir, is one of the decent areas where you can enjoy the sea and have fun at night. Right next to the beach is the Beach Club. This club is a place where music is played, although it is not a very noisy environment. After enjoying the sea during the day, you can spend time at the beach club until the morning.

Izmir Cesmealti Beach

One of the beautiful scenic beaches in Izmir is Çeşmealtı beach. The most well-known feature of this beach is its long coastline. Çeşmealtı beach, which is the most well-known of its coves and bays, is a little far from the city center. However, the best part of this beach is that it is intertwined with nature. You will love to spend time on this beach, which has the main view with the view of nature.

Izmir Gelinkaya Beach

Among the beaches in Izmir, one of the regions known as the calmest is Gelinkaya beach. Gelinkaya beach, one of the beaches in Izmir, is surrounded by cafes and is very close to the sea. These cafes, which are places where you can relax after swimming in the sea, are very stylish places. This beach also has animals such as ducks and geese.

Yassica Ada Beach

 İzmir is one of the first regions whose beaches are liked by foreign tourists and locals and preferred for vacation. Among the public and quiet beaches here is Yassıca Ada beach. This beach is an island beach with a great location and clear water.

Sand Sea Beach

Among the most famous holiday regions and touristic places of the country, the most well-known is Izmir. This city attracts everyone’s attention with its bays and calm beaches. It is a good choice to spend time in İzmir, which is among the regions where it is most enjoyable to have a holiday with its nightlife. Among these beaches in the city, there is also the Sand Sea beach. This beach, which is quite wonderful with its quarantine island view, is very beautiful. There are many alternatives for needs such as WC, shower, restaurant, club on the beach.

This beach in Izmir, which is the right choice for a holiday, has all the facilities you need. Sand sea beach, which has facilities for the disabled and has fun parks for children, is also among the beaches with the blue flag.

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