Must Visit Places in Antalya, Kumluca

Kumluca is a holiday resort that is among the most distinguished districts of Antalya. This magnificent place, which is especially famous for its beaches, is flooded by holidaymakers in the summer months. Kumluca, a town built on the Mediterranean coast, has been home to many civilizations throughout history, while keeping all its natural beauty constantly update. In particular, it is possible to say that the Lycians settled in this region for a long time, and we can easily say that this magnificent place is among the indispensable resources of holidaymakers today.

Best Places to Visit in Kumluca

In this context, too Kumluca places to visit when it comes to it, we would like to provide you with information on what to do and not to do in this special town and how you will find stages to evaluate.

In this way, when you go to Kumluca, you can get more solid ideas and start enjoying your holiday to the fullest.

Corydella Ancient City

It is one of the closest and most important ancient cities to the Kumluca region. It is also only 1 km away from Kumluca. Today, this ancient city is considered an effective treasure built on two hills. This city developed in the Byzantine and late Byzantine periods and its importance in history has only recently been realized. As in other ancient cities in , this ancient city also has a theatre, water channels and residential areas. Considering this functionality, the ancient city was discovered in 1963 as a result of a woman grazing her goats tripping over historical artifacts, and then most of the artifacts found by the villagers were smuggled to America.

However, despite this, it still hosts many elements that support the preservation of its historical texture with a solid arrangement. It is considered as one of the regions that should definitely be visited and seen by those who come to Kumluca for a holiday by allocating half a day. Thanks to this successful ancient city, which will help you feel the rich and deep-rooted history of Anatolia at every step, you will have the opportunity to start a holiday full of history.

Idebessiois Ancient City

We can place it in the second place among the important ancient cities in Kumluca. In this context, while visiting this ancient city, which is only 30 km away from Kumluca, you will be integrated with its historical texture and you will be able to travel comfortably. In this regard, too. It is also possible to say that it has a historical texture that integrates with the Kumluca region. This will support you to explore another important region that you must go to Kumluca and see. Idebbessiois Ancient City knows how to take its place in Kumluca as a kind of historical spot where you can easily explore the history and past settlements in Anatolia and visit it to the fullest.

Kumluca Idebessiois Ancient City
Idebessiois Ancient City


As a matter of fact, there is so much to be said about Olympos… Indeed, Olympos is considered a region that vacationers can never give up, especially in the last 10 years. This city is also called the City of Dragons. Olympos also has the distinction of being the most important ancient city of the Kumluca region. This ancient city has created very important positions, especially in terms of Christianity, in the past. This ancient city, where 12 Byzantine churches have been found, is also home to magnificent visuals. You will discover how magnificent this special place is thanks to the general texture of Olympos, the possibilities it offers, and every step-by-step moment where you will truly enjoy your holiday.

In particular, the bars and nightlife of Olympos are also worth seeing. Likewise, Kadir’in Yeri is considered the most important accommodation center of the region. Even years ago, this place was exposed to a fire in the winter, and the repair stages after the fire were carried out with the help of the hotel’s permanent customers. Considered a great point in every respect. It is a must-see and at a point where you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Apart from the daytime, you can also enter the beach at night and accompany the people playing music on the beach. In Olympos, which also has great opportunities in many respects, you can experience a holiday where you can feel special.

Antalya Olympos


It can also be described as a kind of “hidden paradise” in terms of places to visit in Kumluca. This region is a wonderful bay. The sea is flat and, so to speak, like a sheet. This special place, which has special boutiques even though it is very hot, is also stated as the point you should definitely evaluate in terms of a wonderful holiday. You can swim in the sea during the day. In this regard, various beauties that will allow you to truly enjoy Adrasan to the fullest will of course come before your eyes. Because the region can also turn into a good resource for you to rest your head and stay a little to yourself and enjoy your holiday.

In many ways, this bay is the kind of bay where you can spend a day and enjoy all the beauty of the sea. For this reason, you will definitely find the opportunity to spend a few days in the region and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. At the same time, if you wish, you can find the chance to reach different places from Kumluca.

Kumluca turns into a very hot country in the summer months. We certainly do not want to pass this without saying. Especially since Antalya is a region with a very high humidity, a compelling factor may be reflected on you with the temperature. However, if you take all the necessary precautions against the heat, you can already find the chance to move your holiday to a much more productive location. In this regard, it is one of the most valuable regions of the Mediterranean region in terms of both historical culture and tourism.

Kumluca Adrasan

Best Vacation is Waiting You in Kumluca

With all this, if you want to go Antalya, you should visit Kumluca. You can go to these two regions with your car without any problems, or if you want you can get on the air-conditioned minibuses departing from Istanbul hourly. In all of these stages, you can always progress in a different order during the holiday and enjoy a solid holiday in this region.

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