Stockholm Guide: 9 Things to Do in Stockholm

9 Things to Do in Stockholm

A city full of islands, bridges and historic buildings Stockholm. When all kinds of museums, cafes and restaurants are added to these, an insatiable city has emerged. Even though the weather gets a little cold in winter, things to do don’t run out.

1. Tour the Vasa Museum

Consider a giant wooden ship. Let it be built in an extremely resplendent way. It’s not enough, just lay a double row of balls and it’s an engineering disaster. While the ship was sailing with a ceremony on August 10, 1628, may it sink in front of the eyes of the crowd who came to see you off!!!! After 333 years, this ship was taken out of the sea in one piece and started to be exhibited in the museum. Thanks to the structure of the water of the Sunken Sea, the ship is almost intact. It is currently on display at the Vasa Museum and is Sweden’s most visited museum.

2. Get to Know Swedish Culture at Nordiska Museet

Nordiska Museet is a museum that houses everything about the country’s culture, from clothing to household items, from Swedish traditions to folkloric arts. You can wander for hours without getting bored. Nordiska Museet now Vasa Museum It is located next to.

3. Tour the Nobel Museum

It is awarded by committees in Sweden and Norway. You can visit the Nobel Museum to learn about the history of the awards and to learn about the winners. Moreover, the museum is located in the historical area called Gamla Stan.

4. Tour Stadhuset

After visiting the Nobel Museum, add Stadhuset to your list. The Nobel Prize ceremony is held in this building. You can only visit this place with a guide. Another feature of City Hall is that the ceremonial halls can be rented for marriage or other ceremonies.


5. Enjoy Eurovision at the ABBA Museum

Wherever you go in , you will hear ABBA tunes. Aside from their success in Eurovision, the public really loves ABBA. In this museum, which was opened in 2013, everything has been thought of so that you can feel like a member of the ABBA group. They designed an interactive museum. You can go into their studio and record your song, put on their costumes and go on stage, and if you’re very lucky, you can even talk to one of the ABBA members on the phone.

6. Watch the Troop Change at the Royal Palace

This palace with more than 1400 rooms. It is used for official business and official receptions. Apart from that, it also serves as a museum. You can tour the throne area, the treasury, the royal houses. If you coincide your Royal Palace tour with the changing time of the soldiers, you can witness an entertaining show.

7. DjurgåTake a Walk in the Rden, Tour the Skansen

Skansen is actually a open air museum and zoo. You will see deer and elk roaming around, and you will find yourself in 19th century Sweden. You can visit the houses and shops that bring those years back to life.

8. Take a Boat Tour to the Archipelago

A city full of islands. One of the best ways to visit the city is to take a tour of the archipelago by boat. You can enjoy your brunch while gliding between the islands.

9. Take the Pulse of Fashion at Sofo Design District

Sofo is one of Stockholm’s newer neighborhoods. It takes its name from Soho in New York. You can find examples of clothing, jewellery, household goods, and any design product you can think of in this neighborhood. Extremely hip cafes are also a bonus.


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