7 Places to Visit in Balikesir: The Center of Unique Beauties!




Balıkesir, which is between Marmara and Aegean, is among the most touristic places of our country. It is known as a place where people who are looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday especially in the summer months flock to. The peace and paradise of Balikesir are really worth seeing and spending time here. You will also be fascinated by the unique enchanting effect of Balıkesir, which is the center of unique beauties. This special province has hundreds of unique places worth seeing.

Balikesir; It draws you a route from Cunda island, to Kaz Mountains, from Lake Manyas, to ancient cities and many other similar alternatives, which you need to visit and spend different times with. Let’s take a look at our list of places you can visit and see in Balikesir;

Balikesir Places to Visit:

1- Kaz Mountains:


You can will visit Balıkesir and start from Kaz Mountains for the places to see and see. It is known as the Ida Mountains in mythological and historical sources.Kaz Mountains are located between Çanakkale and Balıkesir. It welcomes a large number of tourists, both domestic and foreign, in almost every season of the year.Kaz Mountains have a great biodiversity. Here you can witness the beauty of many plants, fruits and nature’s mother nature.Kaz Mountains are also home to one of the country’s largest national parks. This brings the importance and value of this place to another dimension and makes it even more valuable.Kaz Mountains is a place where you can fully unite with nature, reconcile, rest your soul and feel yourself in the paradise of fresh air. Believe me, people don’t get old here. It does not know what stress is, it does not accumulate bad energy. It is definitely one of the places you should come and see, dear readers.

2- Devil’s Table:

When the summer months come, Devil’s Table, also known as Garlic, is flooded by vacationers and holiday lovers. When it comes to garlic, the first place that comes to mind is the Devil’s Table. Compared to the scenery of the forests, the Devil’s Table, especially in the evening, gives you a beautiful, unforgettable view. Believe me, being here, accompanying this view, immortalizing this moment and being able to taste this beautiful feeling with your loved ones will give our dear holiday lovers a special happiness. After you come here, you will understand how valuable and how important it is to travel, see the beauties, enjoy life, and spend good times with your loved ones. We say, travel while there is time, while you still can, and discover beautiful places with your loved ones, and we say that Devil’s Table is among the places you should explore.

3- Cunda Island:

Cunda Island, also known as Ali Bey Island, is connected to the land by a bridge support. Cunda Island is also one of the 4 largest islands of the Aegean Sea. Compared to other islands, local people live on the island of Cunda. So there is also a settlement here. This gives Cunda Island a special feature and makes it more attractive. The people living in the island have inherited a magnificent architectural legacy from the Greeks. Cunda Island hosts an extremely large number of tourists. Cunda Island, whose population is known as 3,000, has also hosted a very famous archaeologist and architect-loving artist. If you like history, if you like to witness artifacts and heritages from different cultures, this is one of the places you should see.

Cunda Balikesir

4- Antandros Ancient City:

Antandros Ancient City is also known as an open-air museum in many sources, it is accepted as such. Making a very, very important contribution to Balıkesir’s cultural tourism For this reason, this place is known as one of the places where you can have many different photo frames and witness very different cultural heritages, learn and see new things, and gain a lot of knowledge in this direction. With that unique and perfect feeling given by historical buildings, you can feel like you are in a completely different country. Come to the ancient city of Antandros and immortalize your day in a few squares.

Balikesir Antandros
Antandros Ancient City

5- Rahmi Koç Museum:

Rahmi Koç Museum is one of the most important museums of our country. It is located within the borders of Balıkesir. The museum has hosted more than one hundred thousand visitors so far. And this number is increasing with a huge increase. Rahmi Koç Museum, located in Ayvalık Cunda, was put into operation after undergoing an extremely successful restoration process.

You can visit the Rahmi M. Koç Museum between 10:00 am and 17:00 pm, where there are very important works that you really need to witness. In the museum where many historical artifacts are located, you will forget how the time passes, you will not understand. You can also take very nice photos here. If you come to Balıkesir, Rahmi Koç museum is one of the places that should be included in the list of places you can visit and see.

6- Wooden Birds Museum:

The Wooden Birds Museum is one of the other museums located within the borders of Balıkesir. Balikesir Places to Visit It is a museum where many historical artifacts that you really need to visit and see, and where history greets and embraces you. If you love and are interested in history, give importance to artifacts from ancient history that have survived to the present day and tell us how beautiful the old ones were, and if you like to see, know and experience them, your route should definitely pass through the Wooden Birds Museum. Tahtakuşlar Ethnography Gallery Museum is one of the best places where history can embrace you and show itself to you. The Wooden Birds museum welcomes many foreign tourists. The Wooden Birds Museum is a place that should definitely be among the places to see in Balikesir.

7- Balikesir Ayvalık

Although Ayvalık is a small place, there are many historical bays and beaches in the center and around Ayvalık. This Ayvalık, which used to belong to the Greeks, is exactly one of the holiday destinations you are looking for. It is a holiday resort where you can spend nice days with plenty of oxygen and peaceful scenery.

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