Best Azores Travel Destinations 2021

Azores Travel Destinations

Azores Travel – What can you expect out of the traditional Portuguese cuisine of the Azores? Fresh, locally grown ingredients and easy, authentic flavors with very little fuss, lightly cooked using love and care, and carefully served with pride.

This Azores Travel Guide has what you need to learn about the Azores: all the answers to your questions about this delightful Portuguese island. From its stunning countryside to an unforgettable coast, this lovely island has something for everyone.

Portugal Map
Portugal Map


The Azores is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal. Known as the “land of a thousand ports,” this coastal paradise is one of the world’s most photographed places. With Portugal’s wealth, its beautiful beaches, rich culture and tradition, and its easy-going lifestyle, it’s no surprise that the Azores travel destinations have become some of the most popular in the world.


The Azores travel guide gives a full explanation of how to get to this beautiful island. Most ferries connect the island groups to the Portuguese mainland by land. However, ferries also travel to the other island groups, bringing some of the most breathtaking scenery from the Atlantic to these shores. Ferries depart regularly from the Lisbon airport. All major hotels can also arrange tours of the marinas, canals, villages, and towns along the way.

São Miguel
São Miguel

Travel Tips

There are numerous useful Azores travel tips for those interested in a more informative tour of the Azores. First of all, you should know that the Portuguese are famous for their hospitality. There are many villas and apartments with swimming pools and private pools for rent in the Azores.

Renting one of these is a real value addition to your holiday. There are also several great restaurants serving excellent Portuguese food.



The Azores is home to three World Heritage Sites. Figueira, a village with an old-world charm, is reputed to be Mozart and Beethoven’s site. Funchal, situated on the northern coast, is known for the fabulous fishing and mineral deposits. Santa Eulalia, which is on the island’s southern coast, is an important port where modern explorers have discovered ancient works of art.

São Jorge
São Jorge


  1. São Miguel
  2. Faial
  3. Pico
  4. São Jorge
  5. Terceira


There are some excellent hiking opportunities if you want to enjoy the Azores‘ landscape and wildlife in its most refined forms. The main rivers that provide water for this part of Portugal are the Arrábida and Alvorninha.

Hiking can be enjoyed on either side of these great rivers, but you will find that the best time to do so is in the spring. This is when the wildflowers begin to bloom, and the wildlife becomes more active.



Puerto Ayora is an Azores volcano, which is active during the summer months. Whale watching is a popular activity on the Azores, with the Humpback whales being one of the most popular animals to watch in the area.

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