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It is one of the most photographed locations in Italy. For a lot of people who visit this place, they will be looking forward to experiencing the scenarios that can be found in this mountain. What makes this place very special is its unusual and spectacular appearance that will leave anyone in awe. To better acquaint you with the dolomites travel guide, we have listed down some interesting information about the dolomites.

Italy Map

Italy Map
Italy Map

You can easily view the dolomites on a map depending on the place that you intend to explore. The dolomites can be found above the seashore on an island called Scaliger. They are part of the Scaliger Alps and can even be seen from the air.

The dolomites are formed by different volcanic activities that took place in the past and as such, there is a lot of volcanic ash and rocks that remained behind which form the dolomites.

Lefay Resort & Spa
Lefay Resort & Spa

Best Dolomites Hotels

  1. Oberhauser Hütte Rodenecker – Lüsner Alm
  2. Garni Stübele
  3. Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti
  4. Castel Hörtenberg
  5. Parkhotel Laurin
  6. Garni Aritz
  7. Hotel Sachsenklemme
  8. Hotel Castel Pietra
  9. Hotel Garni La Roccia
  10. Hotel Rose


If you want to make a trip to the Dolomites to have a perfect holiday, there are several hiking trips that you can embark on. There are a few hiking treks in Italy that you can enjoy. There is a trek that takes approximately three days and is called the Devil’s Crown and there is also the Blood Tower trek which can take around ten days.

Parkhotel Laurin
Parkhotel Laurin

The hikes that you can embark on are composed of different levels that you can enjoy. Some of them will consist of enjoying views from above while others will concentrate on different terrains. The dolomites offer an assortment of routes that will allow you to get to the best parts of the Dolomites no matter what time of year it is. One of the most popular hikes that are offered is the Trek to the Pass of the Gods.


You can begin your journey by visiting the cities of San Gimignano, San Giuseppe, and Bolzano. These are some of the main cities in the Dolomites and are packed with tourist information and sightseeing experiences. On your way to these base towns, you will be able to stop for meals, water, and sightseeing in other areas in the region. After your base towns, you will venture into the wilderness of the dolomites. This part of the Dolomites has its type of attractions and hiking trails for you to explore.

Hotel Castel Pietra
Hotel Castel Pietra

You should always consider any weather-related issues when packing your bag for a trip to the Dolomites in Italy. It is always wise to pack appropriate clothing and footwear when making any kind of outdoor trip in any part of the world. The weather in the winter can be very cold but also very hot, depending on the area you are in, so be sure to pack appropriate clothing for whatever season you may be heading into.


There are many things to see and do in Northern Italy. You can hike the famous Piazza San Marco, which is a must-see spot for tourists. If you like history you might want to consider taking the train ride to Lecrin Valley, which gives amazing views of the countryside surrounding the dolomites. Another popular activity is cycling, with many cyclists getting in touch with the fresh air of Northern Italy through mountain biking routes. Another great activity is rafting, which involves a trip to the famous River Lecrin.


The dolomites are truly a unique place to travel in Italy if you enjoy hiking or camping. You should be able to fit in a few hours of hiking during your time away from the busy city life. You will certainly want to return to the dolomites time again to take advantage of the wonderful scenery and outdoor experience.

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