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Milan Attractions

We often hear his name with Milan Fashion Week and football clubs. Milan, Italy’s second largest city. It is a pleasant place where you can spend 2-3 days during your trip to Italy. It can be visited even just for its food.

Milan’s most famous landmark is the gothic Duomo Cathedral, located in the city’s main square. It is also the symbol of Milan. It is so magnificent that it appears like a giant wall in the square. There are so many gargoyles and statues in this cathedral, whose history dates back 600 years, to make your head spin. You should definitely go to the terrace and watch the city from here.

One of the churches that must be visited is Santa Maria della Grazie. This church is home to one of the world’s most famous works, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. My advice is to buy your ticket in advance as only 25 people are allowed in every 15 minutes. The Corso Magenta district, where Santa Maria della Grazie is located, is one of Milan’s old and very lively neighborhoods. While you’re here to see the church, you can hang out in cute cafes and bars.

Before you set off, take a look at the program of La Scala theater while making your Milan plans. After all, it is one of the oldest and most important theaters in the world. Watching a performance here can be one of the most special moments of your Milan trip.

Trip to Milan, Italy

Shopping At Milan

Milan is the heart of fashion and design. It is impossible not to come here and visit the shops selling designer products. You can stop by Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II, located in the square where the Duomo is located. While browsing the shops here, look for the bull mosaic on the floor. Because it is believed that if you turn on this bull with one foot, it brings good luck. If you want to shop from luxury brands or look at their windows, you can also stop by Via Montenapoleone Street and check out the seasonal products of brands such as Gucci and Prada.

For more modest shopping, you can go to the Fiera di Sinigaglia flea market, which is set up on weekends to enjoy some photography. The Navigli region, where this market is established, is a place that deserves to be visited with its houses built by the canal and the beautiful restaurants under these houses. You can have your dinner in one of the restaurants here. Who can say no to risotto milanese with an Italian wine by the canal?

When it comes to food in Milan, I have to mention the fact of “Aperitivo”. Milanese go to the bar between after work and dinner, that is, between 18:00 and 21:00, and have an open buffet snack with a drink. Although the drinks are a bit expensive, it becomes an affordable alternative in Milan since the buffet is free. Apart from that, pay attention to the menu in the places you go, there are usually two kinds of prices in Milan. One is the service price at the bar and the other is the service price at the table. Bar is always cheaper.

My recommendation for gourmets or cheese lovers is to visit Peck. Prices are a bit salty, don’t go crazy shopping and lose yourself. 🙂 Giant cheese counters, giant appetizer counter next to it, jars of artichoke hearts on one side, teas, a giant wine cellar downstairs and much more…

Milan is quite crowded as it is the financial center of Italy. Traffic can be overwhelming, especially at the end of working hours. A good way to escape the crowds and relax can be to relax in Sempione Park. This is Milan’s largest park. You can stroll among the flowers, lie under the trees, visit the Arc of Peace, Sforzesco Castle and other attractions in the park.

If you have one or more days after visiting the center of Milan, you can go to Lake Como. It is possible to reach Como by renting a car or by train. There are many places to visit around the lake. One of the most enjoyable places is Bellagio with its narrow cobblestone streets and stairs. Bellagio, where you can go by boat from Como, is a place where you will feel warm as soon as you leave.

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