Best Things to Do in Zurich, Capital of Switzerland!



Zurich Attractions

The capital of Switzerland, which has a throne in the hearts with its chocolates, cheeses and watches… It is a very beautiful city with its colorful streets and being surrounded by water. It is a must-see stop for gastronomy lovers.

Zurich is located on the edge of the malun lake, and the rivers connected to this lake pass through the city. Many bridges have been built over the rivers. These bridges further enhance the aesthetics of the city. Water as much as water not only beautifies the city, it also provides many activities: you can swim, take a boat tour, even rent a paddleboard and have fun.

Places to Visit in Zurich

The city’s cathedral is called Grossmünster. It is quite remarkable with its two-towered structure. You can climb the towers for a small fee. The view of the city from here is quite beautiful.

Other churches that can be visited in the city are Fraumüster and St. Peter’s churches. These two churches are different from the churches we see in Europe in general. They’re pretty plain. At the time when Protestantism was on the rise, these churches were simplified and resembled what they are today. Later, 5 stained glasses were added to the Fraumünster church, made by the Belarusian artist Marc Chagall when he was 97 years old. st. What makes Peter’s church special is the giant clocks of the clock tower.

If you want to learn about the history of the country during your trip to Zurich, you can visit the Swedish National Museum, and to see modern art, you can visit the Kunsthaus, the modern art museum. If you want to visit an interesting museum, you can go to the Beyer Clock Museum. The most important clocks of the world are exhibited in this museum. B.C. It is also a place where you can learn a lot about the 3000-year history of measuring time from the 1400s to the present.

things to do in switzerland

It is also very pleasant to walk around the city street by street. The old town area is full of nice shops where you can shop and restaurants where you can find examples of every cuisine of the world. A little shopping, a nice meal, a hot chocolate on top, then getting lost in the streets again. This could be your Zurich routine. You can also taste the famous Swiss dish, cheese fondue, in one of these restaurants. Unfortunately, Switzerland is an expensive country and restaurants have had their share of this. By the way, you can explore the city on foot or you can also use the free bike rental option.

Dining Places in Zurich

I have good news for vegetarians. The world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant in Zurich, which is also in the Guinness Book of Records, is called Hiltl. Here you can lose yourself among the vegetable dishes. Both open buffet service and al a carte options are available.

Let’s talk about chocolate… When it comes to Switzerland, the thing that excites me the most is chocolate. Because I once bought 14 kilos of chocolate from Switzerland and came back. 🙂 There are a lot of chocolate shops in the city. Chocolates are distributed in front of some of them as a promotion. You should take advantage of these chocolates every now and then. One of the best chocolatiers in the city is Sprungli. The subject of chocolate does not end with the shops. The famous chocolate company Lindt also offers a factory tour. During the factory tour, you can both eat a lot of chocolate, learn about the chocolate making stages and watch a short film about chocolate.

There are also beautiful places to climb in and around the city. The easiest is to take the cable car up to Felsenegg. It is quite enjoyable to watch the city from here and stroll along the walking paths. You can even trek from Felsenegg to Uetliberg. Don’t you want to feel like you are in a Heidi cartoon? Uetliberg also has bike paths and a 30-metre observation tower. The view is also wonderful.

Finally, a note to literature lovers. The tomb of James Joyce, the author of the famous Ulysses, one of the world’s hardest-to-read books, is located in Zurich. You can go to Fluntern Cemetery to visit it.

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