Best Things to Do in Koh Lanta, Thailand



Koh Lanta, Thailand

The islands of Thailand can have a wide variety of characters, from crazy party islands to honeymoon islands. Koh Lanta is a place where you can both have very enjoyable places where you can get enough of entertainment, and where you can get away from the crowd and find peace. It is a great option to go during the winter months in Turkey. You can go to Koh Lanta without fear of monsoon rains between November and May, with the best period between December and February.

The most popular accommodation on the island is the long sandy beach called Long Beach. It is possible to find hotels of various prices and quality, from bungalows to luxury hotels. My suggestion is to stay away from the crowds of Long Beach, the most popular spot on the island, and stay at Kantiang Beach or further.

Transfers to Koh Lanta are made by ferry or minibus departing from Krabi. The construction of the bridge connecting the island to the mainland will be completed soon. The biggest problem in Koh Lanta is intra-island transportation. In general, transportation is provided by tuk-tuks and it is necessary to bargain hard. The best thing is to rent a scooter if you know how to drive. The traffic is calm, relatively safe. There are many places to visit throughout the island. It is very fun to travel with a scooter on beautiful scenic roads and take a sea break at different beaches.

The best thing to do in Koh Lanta is to enjoy the sea-sand-sun trio, but you can try different alternatives for this.

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Koh Lanta, Thailand

Things to Do in Koh Lanta

For example, you can join snorkelling tours. In these tours, which last all day, usually 3-4 islands are visited and snorkeling is done off the islands. You can meet many of the characters from the movie Finding Nemo in the waters of Koh Lanta. There are snorkeling tours to different routes. My suggestion is to take a tour that covers the island of Koh Rok. But remember that the angle of the sun is extremely steep and it is disastrously scorching. These tours are extremely suitable environments to be scorched by the sun.

Scuba diving on the island of Koh Lanta is also extremely good. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are the most popular spots. You can see whale sharks or manta ray around here if you are lucky. Even if you can’t see these two giant fish, the clarity of the water and the diversity of life are extremely satisfying.

While swimming on the beaches of the island, it is necessary to pay attention to the corals and tide times. When the waters recede during the tide, you can suddenly find yourself on the corals. Therefore, it is necessary to swim in the hours when the water is at its deepest.

Don’t worry when the waters recede. It is very pleasant to sit on the shore and watch the sunset. Moreover, hotels usually have massage facilities on the beach. Watching the sunset while sipping the coconut water in your hand on top of the Thai massage you will have on the beach is a good opportunity to detox your body and soul, which is filled with work stress all year.

Another option that will relieve stress is to go to yoga centers located in different parts of the island. As you know, Thailand is a very suitable country for practicing yoga, getting yoga training and even getting a yoga instructor certificate.

One of the interesting places on the island of Koh Lanta is the village of Sang Ga U. People called sea gypsies live here. You know, the village of people who are the subject of these documentaries, who hunt by diving and hold their breath for minutes.

Another place to go for a touristic trip is the old town of the island. This area was once the center of Koh Lanta. Transportation was only done by boats coming here. Nowadays, it is a small shopping street and a place with cute places. You can do a motor tour and stop by.

The current center of the island, namely Saladan, is full of tourist shops and nice restaurants. You should definitely stop by here one afternoon, eat delicious meals and enjoy the cafes. Fire shows are held at night in the bars on the beaches throughout the island. You can see how much Thais have gone through in this regard. Why not? The bar is one of the cozy places where you can enjoy both fire shows and cocktails.

Finally, one of the places that should not be returned without visiting Koh Lanta island is the bar called Drunken Sailor. Although it is located far from the center, on the Kantiang Bay side, it is a place full of visitors from different parts of the island at all hours of the day. The food is quite delicious. It is a very good place for those who want to take a break from Thai delicacies and taste Western cuisine.

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