David Beckham Tattoos Meanings

David Beckham was iconic both in football and with his style. That’s why David Beckham is so popular and has a lot of fans. We reviewed David Beckham’s tattoos and their meanings. He has tattoos on his body that attract everyone’s attention.

David Beckham is by far the most famous footballer and just a stylish guy that the crowds of his fans want to be like. Meanwhile, Beckham is not only a football player, but also the husband of the once famous “peppercorn” Victoria Beckham, who has long been considered a style icon. David is a versatile young man who has taken place not only in football, has appeared in several advertising campaigns, but also succeeded in raising children.

David Beckham is always in the spotlight not only due to his mega popularity and beautiful appearance, but also due to the presence of more than 20 tattoos on his body, each of which has a deep meaning and significance for both Beckham and his entire family.

It is known that David simply idolizes his wife Victoria, and as a sign of eternal love, he pricked the name of Victoria on his left hand above the wrist. The piquancy of this tattoo lies in the fact that it consists of 4 parts, since it was applied in the Hindi language. Beckham tattoo with his wife’s name attracted a lot of attention. The fact is that in the Hindi language there is no word equivalent to the name Victoria, so I had to divide it into 4 parts, only by combining the semantic concept of which you can get the name of Beckham’s wife.

On his right hand there is Beckham’s tattoo in the form of the Roman numeral 7, because it is under this number that the player plays for the Manchester United team. The football player also has several tattoos on his back – one of them is represented by the image of a guardian angel, the other three tattoos represent the names of his three sons.

Love for his wife is shown in another tattoo. So stylish Beckham’s tattoos in the form of his wife’s half-naked figure are unmatched. It cost the dandy David about $ 5,000, but he does not regret a minute about the drawing. In addition, the hand is decorated with an inscription in Hebrew, which reads – “This woman belongs to me, and I belong to this woman.” Interestingly, the same inscription adorns the body of Victoria, a famous tattoo lover.

Today, Beckham’s tattoos delight the eyes of fans and people far from the world of football. So more recently, he put another tattoo on the left side of his chest, which exactly repeats a fragment of the Sistine Chapel. The football player’s religiousness is reflected in several more tattoos that adorn the body of this muscular football player.

David Beckham Back Tattoos

Beckham has a guardian angel tattoo on his back. It is the most popular among David Beckham back tattoos. David Beckham’s back tattoos include the names of his sons. He has Cruz, Brooklyn and Romeo tattoos. Louis Molloy is a tattoo artist who designed David Beckham’s back tattoo. He has made David Beckham’s guardian angel tattoo.

David Beckham's Romeo, Guardian Angel, Cruz tattoos, David Beckham tattoo back
David Beckham’s Back Tattoos

David Beckham Neck Tattoos

David Beckham’s neck tattoos include his daughter’s name. Harper writes. On his daughter’s fourth birthday, he inked the word ‘Pretty Lady’. On part of his neck he inked the word ‘Dadda’ and ‘Buster’ for his eldest son Brooklyn. Beckham neck has a rose and on the neck he has the head of a horse. David Beckham’s Winged Cross neck tattoo has an artistic look.

david beckham neck tattoo meaning
David Beckham’s Neck Tattoos

David Beckham Arm Tattoos

David Beckham has an angel tattoo on his right shoulder. The word “Let them hate as long as they fear” was added to David Beckham’s right sleeve tattoos. David Beckham has seven numbers tattooed with Roman numerals on his arm. David Beckham has a tattoo ‘VIII.V.MMVI’ denoting May 8, 2006, on his right wrist. On this date, Victoria and David reaffirmed their commitment to each other. The cloud tattoo covering part of his arm passes from his right arm to his left arm. Victoria tattoo on his left arm is among the romantic tattoos of David Beckham. David Beckham hand tattoos collection includes Ut Amem Et Foveam and Ring of Roses inks. Also among David Beckham’s left arm tattoos is the Victoria “विक्टोरिया” tattoo written in Hindi.

David Beckham tattoos meaning
David Beckham’s Arm Tattoos

1. David Beckham 99 Tattoo

The meaning of Beckham’s “99” tattoo on his little finger is 99 of 1999, the year of his marriage to his wife Victoria Beckham. Also, another meaning of the “99” tattoo is the birth date of his eldest son, Brooklyn. Another reason could be that he won both the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League trophies in one season with Manchester United in 1999.

2. David Beckham Buster Tattoo

The meaning of the Buster tattoo is that their first child, Brooklyn, is called Buster. Brooklyn is known as Buster in the family and is accompanied by a tiny black heart tattoo.

3. David Beckham Harper Tattoo

Harper word is written on David Beckham’s neck. She got this tattoo done for her daughter, born in 2011. Pretty Lady and a tiny heart tattoo were made for his daughter’s 4th birthday.

4. David Beckham Rose Tattoo

David Beckham had a rose tattoo over his “Pretty Lady” tattoo for his daughter.

David Beckham's hand, neck and arm tattoos
David Beckham’s Hand Tattoos

5. David Beckham Chinese Proverb Tattoo

David Beckham has a tattoo with a philosophical meaning. The proverb means “Death and life have determined appointments; riches and honor depend upon heaven.”

6. David Beckham Roman Numeral VII Tattoo

He wore the number 7 jersey for Manchester United and the England National Team. It has a special importance in David’s life.

7. David Beckham The Guardian Angel Tattoo

In the middle of David Beckham’s back is the guardian angel figure with fine details. He got this tattoo done in 2000. Featured a figure with arms outstretched just like Jesus on the cross. After, he added the wings to his back tattoo and completed the look of a guardian angel.


8. David Beckham Romeo Tattoo

Romeo is the name of his son born on September 1, 2002. Its name is written on its back. This tattoo is featured above the guardian angel tattoo.

9. David Beckham Cruz Tattoo

The Cruz tattoo is on his back. Cruz is the name of his son who was born on February 20, 2005. David got this tattoo inked 2005. This tattoo is below the guardian angel tattoo.

10. David Beckham 723 Tattoo

Throughout David’s football career he wore the number 7 and 23 jerseys. This tattoo symbolizes the jersey numbers. He wore the number 7 jersey for Manchester United and England. He wore the number 23 shirt for Real Madrid and LA Galaxy.

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