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Jared Leto Tattoos Photos
Jared Leto Tattoos Meanings

Jared Leto, lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, not only gathers stadiums at his concerts, but also acts in films, and even acts as a director. He began his musical career in 1998 with his brother, who now plays drums. Jared’s career as an actor began earlier, back in 1992. Among his works are such popular films as “Fight Club”, “Mr. Nobody” and the last work that won him an Oscar – “Dallas Buyers Club”.

Photo and meaning of Jared Leto’s tattoos

Thanks to his work, the singer has gathered a multi-million army of fans. Many of them are interested in the question: how many tattoos does Jared Leto have and what they mean.

On the right hand is the symbol of the group “30 Seconds to Mars” intertwined glyphs.

The singer’s second tattoo is also associated with the group. She depicts the symbol of the second music album, released in 2005. The symbol looks like a cross with a circle.

On the right and left legs of the celebrity, there are large arrows tending upward. The arrows are an interpretation of the group’s slogan “Provehito in Altum”, which is Latin for “Strive for the heights”.

Jared Leto’s tattoos near the left and right elbows in the form of two triads are also associated with “30 Seconds to Mars” and symbolize the third album of the group.

On Jared Leto’s right collarbone, you can see the band’s slogan “Provehito in Altum”, which was already mentioned above.

The last tattoo appeared on the artist’s back in 2013. Like many of the previous ones, she is also associated with the group. The tattoo depicts the Orbis Epsilon: a circle divided in half, from which 4 arrows emerge.

Judging by Jared Leto’s tattoo, he really loves symmetry, straight lines. All of his tattoos were made for a reason, but carry a special meaning and reflect the celebrity’s affection for the group.

Jared Leto Tattoo Meanings
Jared Leto Arm Tattoo
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