La Vuelta Bike Races, Vuelta to Espana Bicycle Races

With short name La Vuelta. A bicycle race held in Spain. In order to increase the circulation of a newspaper, Informaciones, which was first edited in 1935. The Vuelta a España is an annual multi-stage bicycle race primarily held in Spain, while also occasionally making passes through nearby countries.

The race, which was initially held from March-April, was moved to August with the UCI World Cup being placed on these dates. Although Spain is scorching in August, this does not prevent cyclists from crossing crazy mountains. The color of La Vuelta’s leader jersey is red. This year La Vuelta will be held from 19 August to 10 September.

One of the best ways to watch all three races is to rent a trailer. Especially in France, it can be very difficult to find a rental caravan during the Tour de France. Adjustments need to be made a few months in advance. It is also an alternative to follow the race by car and stay in hotels or set up a camping tent. Although the caravan spirit cannot be experienced by car, it is more suitable for moving more flexibly.

Since most of the roads on the bike race route are closed on the day of the race and there are not many alternative ways to cross with the caravan, especially on the mountain stages, the caravan drivers come to the stage they want to watch one day in advance and settle in. The car is parked, the caravan is decorated, the tables and chairs are thrown away, the food is cooked, the “we are passengers of the same road” friendship with the neighboring caravans begins. In other words, not only the moment of the race, but also the atmosphere that changed a few days ago is very enjoyable.

La Vuelta Bike Races
La Vuelta Bike Races

On the day of the race, the rush to get a good place to watch the race begins. Especially in the legendary stages such as Alpe d’Huez, in the first hours of the morning, people settle at the points where they will watch the race. Friendships are formed between people standing next to each other, and cyclist gossip is made.

There is a caravan crossing a while before the cyclists. The sponsor companies of the race parade with decorated trailers and distribute gifts. You can see a lot of people who are more interested in the caravan crossing than the race itself. Candies, pens, hats, jerseys, bracelets, any kind of gift you can think of are distributed.

After the caravans, the excitement rises and the racers are expected. As the cyclists pass by, the fingers press the shutter button and thousands of photos are taken. It is an indescribable pleasure to observe how hard the cyclists put in and how hard they race, especially during the climbing stages.

In addition, the balconies, parks and gardens in the cities where the race takes place are decorated with balloons and giant jerseys in colors representing the race, giant bicycles are placed in different parts of the cities, the cities become lively and the hearts almost beat with the race.

With its excitement, atmosphere and hundred-year history, this tour called “grand tour” bike races. It should be watched on site even if only once in a lifetime.

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