Finest Asian Cuisine in Abu Dhabi

In Dalian city of the UAE, Finest Asian Cuisine is served in many famous restaurants and eateries. Dalian food is a mixture of Italian, Greek, Indian, Arabian and other oriental influences. The city has numerous restaurants. These restaurants mainly serve authentic Indian, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Philippines, Middle Eastern and Western foods. Such cuisines can be availed at various tourist attractions in Dubai like Dalian Garden, Dubai Marina, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Festival City and many more.

Dalian cuisine has gained popularity among tourists and locals a like. It is served in restaurants with open floor plans. They also have spacious dining halls and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and service. Many restaurants also provide an open bar service to their customers.

The city of Dalian offers a variety of cuisines. Some of them include Indian, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish cuisine. The Thai food is considered as one of the most popular dishes. It is characterized by hot and spicy curries and is accompanied with desserts and condiments.

Japanese cuisine is also very popular. It uses ingredients like rice and noodles as staples. Pizza is also part of Japanese menu. Portuguese cuisines are world famous.

Arabic cuisine is also a major source of food. Most of the restaurants serving such foods in Dubai are located in old cities. They are located in Al-Balad, Bur Dubai and Madinat Jumeirah. Iranian and Turkish cuisines are also popular in Dubai.

People who love Chinese cuisines will not find it hard to find Chinese food in Dubai. A large number of Chinese restaurants are available in Dubai, which serve both local and national cuisines. Apart from that, people who love Indian food can also find a variety of Indian foods available in Dubai. Apart from that, a large number of Chinese and Japanese restaurants are available in Dubai.

A large number of Indian restaurants are available in the city. Some of the popular restaurants serving Indian food in Dubai include Kaal Bhat, Khatta kebabs, Moti Mahal and Badrinath. Pakistani restaurants are also available in the region.

Southwestern region of the Middle East offers a wide selection of cuisines. Lebanese and Italian cuisines are first choice of food lovers in the region. Arabic and Iranian cuisines are also popular there. There are also dishes from other parts of the world, which are being introduced in the region.

Arabian cuisines have always been favorite foods of people living in the Arabian Peninsula. These cuisines include samosa, riads and the popular hummus. Those looking for Mexican cuisines in the same region can search for taco caterers, which offer authentic Mexican dishes. Some Middle Eastern eateries offer Mediterranean meals to the visitors.

Eating Out in Abu Dhabi

Inabu Dhabi is a large city in north-western UAE where people from different parts of the world come to experience the cuisine of the city. The city is renowned for its exotic cuisine, which was discovered by local people more than two thousand years ago. In this city you will find a large number of hotels and restaurants serving different cuisines in a delightful manner. Dining in restaurants is a very popular habit, particularly among foreigners, and you can see this in almost every hotel around. You can ask the restaurant staff for some special cuisines which are not available anywhere else.

Some of the most popular cuisines in this city are Chinese, Iranian, Indian, Japanese, Moroccan and Thai. Chinese is one of the most popular food, as they serve noodles with various sauce options and also stir fry the vegetables. Iranian cuisine is a bit different from the other cuisine; here you can get dishes with green chilli and cheese. Japanese cuisine includes sushi, sashimi and vegetable eaten. Indian cuisine is also widely popular, with varieties like Indian biryani, samosas and chutneys.

In order to experience the real flavor of these foods, it is best to go out with friends or colleagues to a restaurant. When you dine out in a fancy restaurant you do not really know what you are eating; this is where a good friend or colleague can help. There are restaurants in every locality and you will not have to travel very far for getting good Asian cuisine. Many of the famous restaurants are found near Marriot Hotel and in Causeway Village.

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