Female Celebrity Tattoos and Their Meanings, Celebrity Tattoos Photos

With the help of symbols near the stars, significant life events are perpetuated on the skin, love is confessed to new partners and those who have left this world. Celebrities prefer to place symbols on their backs, arms (hands and forearms), legs, and even on their face.

Nastya Ivleeva Tattoos

You can also meet many popular girls with tattoos on their skin. The body of perhaps the most famous of all the hosts of the Olel and Reshka program is also decorated with drawings. Nastya’s beautiful figure is adorned with a large black-and-white drawing on the thigh with a portrait of a girl in Chicano-style flowers. On the hands of the presenter, you can find an owl, a swallow, a miniature rose, a heart with an airplane. The neotradishnl style owl personifies wisdom and discernment. The airplane symbolizes the love of travel.

Angelina Jolie Tattoos Photos

Angelina Jolie’s tattoos have probably attracted the closest attention of the press and fans. There are 12 symbols on her skin. Note that the film star made body drawings from early youth. With age, Jolie’s philosophy and attitude towards life changed, and tattoos also underwent changes. The most interesting symbols of the star:

  • On the left shoulder blade there is a Khmer prayer. She replaced the tattoo in the form of a hieroglyph, the meaning of which is “death”.
  • Coordinates of places where all children were born (biological and adopted). Interestingly, the image appeared in the place of the symbol, which was dedicated to the first husband.
  • Buddhist spell – on the back. The text is intended to protect the first adopted child of the actress from all the troubles and envy of enemies.
  • Bengal tiger – on the back.
  • The date of the famous speech delivered by W. Churchill is on the inner surface of the hand. Nearby is a Buddhist symbol designed to bring good luck.
  • A line from her favorite song and the motto with which the actress wants to support all women “know your rights”.

The star still has many other images, but she considers the listed ones to be the most significant.

Tattoos of Angelina Jolie Photos
Angelina Jolie Back Tattoos

Lady Gaga Tattoos

The most shocking singer of our time, as the media often call her, made a tattoo an invariable attribute of her outrageousness. The singer has more than 20 characters and she has no plans to stop. Among them:

  • Peace sign – on the wrist.
  • A symbol resembling a lily. Refers to belonging to people who have experienced violence.
  • Dancing mouse in the style of Mickey, an image of a heart, a hand.


Interestingly, the singer places all the pictures on the left side of her body. The reason is the promise made to the father to leave at least one side of the body “clean”.

Charlize Theron Tattoos

The model and the actress have several tattoos, two of them are in color. The first is located on the leg (foot) – the lotus. The lotus has a special meaning – wisdom, femininity, rebirth.

The second is a small fish on the ankle as a symbol of the fulfillment of all desires. In addition, on the forearm of the star there is an inconspicuous inscription “Mar” – meaning “sea” in translation from Spanish.

The lotus has a special meaning – wisdom, femininity, rebirth. Note that the lotus tattoo is popular among celebrities. On the inside of the wrist, the image of a flower is worn by Jessica Alba.

By the way – many celebrities replace the lotus flower by writing the name of the flower in ancient languages. Tattoos are not alien to the male half of Hollywood. Men put them on their skin not just for decoration, all images have their own meaning and are usually made at significant moments in life.

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