Dwayne Johnson’s Tattoos, Dwayne Johnson’s Tattoos and Meanings

Dwayne Johnson Moana Tattoo
Dwayne Johnson Tattoos Meanings


Dwayne Johnson is known to some under the nickname “The Rock” as a professional fighter, and to someone he is familiar from such films as “The Scorpion King” and “Fast and Furious 6”.

Dwayne Johnson is not the only one who won the World Wrestling Championships. Johnson is a third generation professional fighter: he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and father.

Johnson began his acting career in 2001 with the title role in the aforementioned film “The Scorpion King” and to date he has more than 10 films on his account.

Photos and meanings of Dwayne Johnson’s tattoos

Besides acting talent and wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson is gaining attention with his tattoos. Celebrity tattoos only 2, but what! The first, and largest, covers the shoulder, biceps, part of the chest and back. This drawing was made by a master from Hawaii and Johnson dedicated it to his family. What does this tattoo mean? The four people merged together symbolize the family, the whirlpools that frame them, the periods of life: past, present and future. Also in the picture you can see 2 eyes: the big one means the ability to take possession of the enemy’s soul, and the small one is the eyes of the ancestors who tirelessly follow Dwayne’s life. The coconut leaves make it clear that the owner of the tattoo is a warrior, guarded by a shield (tortoise shell). Sacred stones give confidence, and the Sun gives luck.

The second tattoo on the right hand is much smaller and has a very simple meaning-red-eyed bull-zodiac sign of the celebrity-Taurus.

Dwayne Johnson's Tattoos and Meanings
Dwayne Johnson’s Bulk Tattoo
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