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Joseph Gilgan Arm Tattoo
Joseph Gilgan Tattoos Meanings

Joseph Gilgun is a British actor who is called a sudden star in the press. Gilgun owes his popularity to roles in the film “This is England” and the TV series “Scum”.

Photos and the meaning of Joseph Gilgan’s tattoos

During his still short acting career, Joseph has gained a lot of fans around the world. Many of them are most interested in the actor’s tattoos, and he has a huge number of them.


Before the filming of the film “Dregs,” Gilgan’s partners on the site applied various patterns on the body, but Joseph did not have to do this, because he loves real tattoos.

He also gladly allows them to be photographed.

Joseph Gilgan gets tattoos after every event that mattered in his life. For example, filming in “Waste” served as the idea to get a tattoo with the serial numbers of the actors-23456.

As a memory of loved ones, the actor has the symbolic words “dad” and “mom”, as well as “beloved grandmother Linda.” In honor of the father, an image of a Zippo lighter flaunts on the forearm.

Gilgan also has the names of the director and producer of This Is England full of gratitude to them for being accepted into the project. Unusual advertising tape “This is England. Year 86 “was a video in which Joseph Gilgan gets a tattoo on the buttocks with the names of his colleagues, Thomas Turgus and Andrew Shim.

There are popular tattoo slogans on the actor’s body. For example, “Be what you want to appear”; pre-premiere words of the producer of “This is England” “We all did it, so let’s be proud of it.”

Especially for the filming of “This is England” Joseph made tattoos on his arms: the letter S, a soaring bird, a triangle and a cross.

As you can see, most of Gilgan’s tattoos are related to acting. While the actor’s entire back remains untouched, and hopefully there are still many years of creativity ahead.

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