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Mesut Ozil’s arm tattoos Mesut Ozil was born on 15 October 1988. Mesut Ozil’s birthplace is Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Mesut Ozil gained great popularity with his talent in football. He played for teams like Schalke 04, Werder Bremen, Real Madrid and Arsenal. He won the World Cup in 2014. Nowadays Mesut Ozil has been followed by a large group and signed with Fenerbahce, one of the Turkish teams. Mesut Ozil announced on his social media account that he will wear the shirt number 67 in Fenerbahce. He chose this jersey number because of his hometown.

Mesut Ozil football player tattoos
Mesut Ozil

Let’s take a look at Mesut Ozil’s personal life. Mesut Ozil married Amine Gülşe in 2019. Amine Gülşe was born on April 30, 1993. Amine Gülşe is the Miss Turkey winner of 2014. Amine Gülşe is an actress and model. Mesut Ozil had a baby girl in 2020 and her name is Eda.

Mesut Ozil Tattoos

In this article, we wanted to include Mesut Ozil’s tattoos.

Mesut Ozil has 3 tattoos on his left arm. Mesut Ozil’s lion tattoo is on his left arm. He inked a picture of a big lion. He chose the lion because he resembled him. Mesut Özil made statements for this tattoo in an interview. I compare the lion a little to myself. It loves and protects its family. It is almost like a king. It knows very well what it wants and does not hesitate to reach this goal. It does not listen to others, goes its way. If it wants something, it doesn’t ask and does. Because I have these features, I got a lion tattoo.

Mesut Ozil Arm Tattoo Lion
Mesut Ozil Arm Tattoo

Mesut Ozil has tattooed under the lion tattoo harmoniously. And “Only God can judge me” is inked on his left arm. Also Mesut Özil has a map ink on his left arm. This tattoo was inspired by the map of Turkey.

Mesut Ozil arm and sleeve tattoos
Mesut Ozil Arm tattoos

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