Roman Pavlyuchenko’s Tattoos, Football Player Tattoos

Roman Pavlyuchenko Arm Tattoo
Roman Pavlyuchenko Tattoos and Meanings

The love of football players for decorating their bodies with tattoos has always been obvious. the master in this matter is David Beckham, who regularly adds new drawings to his luxurious body. One of the last tattoos was the word “love”, engraved on the outside of the palm. According to the footballer, in this way, he expressed his attitude towards his children and wife, and the appearance of his long-awaited daughter prompted him to apply another tattoo.

Russian footballers try to keep up with their foreign counterparts, and many famous players in Russian clubs have various tattoos on their bodies. Someone prefers Celtic patterns, someone puts intricate inscriptions on the body, the meaning of which is known only to them.

Among the players who did not fail to get a tattoo is Roman Pavlyuchenko, who is currently considered the most promising player along with Arshavin. Roman’s career did not develop very rapidly, to his achievements in the form of the opportunity to play for the Tottenham club he walked for a long time by football standards, but today his career continues to gain momentum, which cannot but please his fans.

The controversy about the number of Pavlyuchenko’s tattoos among his fans has not subsided for several years. The footballer prefers not to display his tattoos on public display, considering them some kind of intimate amulet. However, some tattoos still got into the camera lens and today are actively used by fans as the basis for personal tattoos.

So, the right hand of a football player is decorated with several tattoos at once. On the upper outer part, a pattern of pansies is pinned – this tattoo of a football player emphasizes his feelings for his wife Anna. Roman Pavlyuchenko’s tattoo with pansies gives his image a certain romance, but after some time this tattoo was supplemented with an intricate pattern, in the middle of which was read the inscription in Latin – “Sagittarius”. This Pavlyuchenko tattoo indicates his belonging to this zodiac sign.

On the inside of the right hand is the inscription “save and preserve”, which is surrounded by three dates of birth. This tattoo of Roman symbolizes his desire to protect his family – the dates indicated on the tattoo – the dates of birth of him, his wife and daughter. It is known that the footballer tries not to advertise his personal life, and never ceases to thank God for meeting his wife and for the birth of a daughter.

Roman Pavlyuchenko Arm Tattoo
Roman Pavlyuchenko Arm Tattoo
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