The 5 Most Beautiful Natural Features in Fethiye



Fethiye is one of the suitable places for those who are looking for a place to rest, where green nature and blue sea meet, with the arrival of summer vacation after traffic, high buildings and work tempo in daily life.It will attract you to itself with its structure that fascinates you with its unique beauties in our country. Apart from this, Ölüdeniz, one of the most popular places for drinkers, arouses curiosity with its different structure.

Fethiye Butterfly Valley

When you look at the Butterfly Valley, after the unique view you see, you will realize that it is truly a unique natural wonder. The general reason why the valley is named butterflies is the area. If you wish, you can take photos against the beautiful nature view by walking around the valley area, and you can have a good time by setting up a tent in the evenings. In addition, electricity, water, toilet and food facilities are offered in specially designated camping areas.

Butterfly Valley Photo
Butterfly Valley

Pumpkin Cove

We can say that it is located in a paradise that combines green and blue colors and contains all of them together. This bay, which has been preferred by young people in recent years, is perfect for those who want to have a good time by having a good time by camping and having a good time with its fresh nature and texture that is far from concrete. Kabak Bay, located on the road in ancient Lycian times is one of the private bays in our country. There are also many hotels and pensions around the bay area.

Pumpkin Cove Photo
Pumpkin Cove


It can be said that it is impossible for many people who come to Muğla not to hear the name of this mountain. Babadağ, which contains many shades of green and blue, is especially paragliding activity. It is one of the most preferred places to do. There are even many tourists coming from the European region to paraglide in this airstrip.


Oludeniz, which is one of the most different areas in the world, is also one of the top ten beaches in the European region. If you want, you can cool off by swimming in this interesting sea, or you can dream in the blue sky by lying on the warm sands in the green pine trees.  Apart from this, you can go a little further on the road and it is magnificent.

Oludeniz Fethiye


Saklıkent, which has the characteristics of a deep and long canyon, is eroded by the flowing snow waters in the Akdağlar, and is 50 km away from the center. You can enjoy your meals on the wooden terraces between the water flowing below and the canyon above it.

How to go to Fethiye?

Fethiye district, which is 720 km away if you are going through the Istanbul region and 650 km if you are going through the Ankara region, is the most suitable for those who prefer to go by plane. Dalaman Airport is 40 km away from the center in total. You can reserve your seat early by following the appropriate flight tickets.

Where to stay in Fethiye?

There are many alternatives for accommodation in Fethiye district. Among these alternatives, it is centrally located and better than the others. We can give examples such as: However, the area you will be in and the hotels you will stay in vary from region to region and budget situations.

What can be done in Fethiye?

If you go to Fethiye district, first of all, in a central location and preferably. We can recommend you to stay in a hotel close to Ölüdeniz. When you arrive, you can go to many canyons to visit, and you can have fun by participating in paragliding activities by going to Butterfly Valley and Babadağ. You can also browse the bars and souvenirs in the area called Paspatur.

Apart from the areas to visit, nightlife will come to mind first when it gets dark. Fethiye district, which has a very lively and beautiful environment in terms of terms, attracts many places to itself.

You can come to this town, which fascinates itself with its magnificent nature and sea, and make your holiday and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the best way.
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