8 Best Places to Visit in Bozcaada

8 Places to Visit in Bozcaada

The islands in Turkey have beautiful places and historical values. All of them have their place. We need to keep one of them, Bozcaada, separately. When you do a little research, you will be surprised to see that there are many places in front of you. You will be angry with yourself for not having been to this island before. One day is not enough to visit Bozcaada, so we recommend you to spend a few days here to see and tour the island in a nice way. Bozcaada is known as the 3rd largest island of our country. It comes after Gökçeada in the Aegean Sea. It is connected to Çanakkale.

  1. Bozcada

The island’s majestic Bozcaada castle, It will be the first piece that welcomes you. The island is located just at the exit of the strait and close to the mainland. This location of the island has made it a place open to invasion for centuries. It is not known by whom and when the Bozcaada Castle, which has survived to the present day as one of the best preserved castles of our country, was built. Phoenicians, Venetian and Genoese people ruled here. The castle took its final shape when it was built on the ruins here during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Conqueror. The location of the castle is on the northern side of the island and on the cliffs. At that time, the castle was surrounded by ditches filled with water. While the entrances to the castle were through the hanging gate, now the entrances are via a bridge. Places to see Bozcaada Inside the castle, there is a section where ancient jugs (amphora) are exhibited. In addition, you can see historical artifacts and tombstones unearthed as a result of excavations on the island in the garden of the castle. You can visit the castle every day between 10:00 and 20:00 for a certain fee. We recommend that you put Bozcaada Castle first among all.

  1. Greek Quarter

Located in the very center of Bozcaada. It is another beautiful place to visit. Seeing the colorful houses lined up against each other on the stone roads of the neighborhood will give you peace of mind. You see the best examples of Greek architecture in the houses. After visiting its streets, you can sip Bozcada wine in the place where you will sit to relax.  In the evening, you can wander around Bozcaada taverns to have fun.

Greek Quarter Bozcaada
Bozcaada Greek Quarter

       3. Wineries

The island’s winemaking dates back to ancient times. You can easily see from . The headquarters of 3 old wine factories are located on the island. Recently built factories are located outside the island. During the summer, the well-known wineries here organize tours and convey information about winemaking to vacationers. There are also wine bars inside the Amadeus and Corvus wineries, where you can taste wines. We strongly recommend that you add these wine factories on the island to your list.

Bozcaada Wineries Visit
Bozcaada Wineries

      4.Wind Roses

It is known as the place where the sunset is most beautiful. People here visit the magnificent view of this place to end the day. During the summer months, as the sunset time approaches, the minibuses departing from the center of the island carry the visitors who want to see this place. Places to visit in Bozcaada The wind turbines here were put into service in 2000. 30 times the energy consumed by the island people is produced in these wind roses. Even one of the turbines is capable of meeting the energy needs of the islanders.

      5. Ayazma Monastery

Ayazma, of Greek origin, means holy water. Places with natural water resources are called by this name. The holy spring here is located on the south side of the island. Next to the holy spring, there is a historical fountain with double gutters, 8 very old plane trees, a small monastery and a building consisting of two single floors. The monastery in the holy spring belongs to the Greek Orthodox community. This place is only opened for worship on special days. When you pass to the lower part of the river, you come across a wishing cave. Visitors who come here make vows for their wishes after lighting candles. The most important day for the Greek people living on the island is the Ayazma Fair, celebrated on July 26.

        6. Goztepe

It is known as the highest point of Bozcaada. It is exactly 192 meters. From this hill, you can clearly see the magnificent beauties of the island. Gokceada in clear and clear weather, Semadirek Island behind it, You can watch the Dardanelles and Lesbos Island. Going to Göztepe will be quite difficult. Because the geographical structure makes this very difficult. It only has one way to let one car out. Walking distance is 30 -45 minutes.
Bozcaada Goztepe Turkey
Bozcaada Goztepe

       7.Virgin Mary Church

The only one open to worship on the island. The Greek Orthodox church is known as the Church of the Virgin Mary. It is said that the construction of the church, which is located in the middle of the Greek Quarter, dates back to Venetian times. The 4-storey bell and clock tower in its courtyard has been taken under protection as it has faced collapse over time. The tower height of the church reaches 23.8 meters. The tower has been rebuilt. If you want to visit the church, you will have only one opportunity. It is also the ritual performed at 8 on Sunday. Other than that, visiting the church is prohibited.

     8.Alaybey Mosque

Red cut stone is used in its construction. It is located on the opposite side of the playground. Although there is no definite information about the year of construction, it is thought to have been built around 1700. There is a small cemetery in the garden of the mosque. You can see 14 graves in this cemetery. The mosque is open for worship.

Turkey Alaybey Mosque
Bozcaada Alaybey Mosque

About Bozcaada

Bozcaada is located on the northern side of the Aegean Sea. The island has a unique flora. Although the Mediterranean climate prevails here, the island is completely open to the north winds since it is at the exit of the strait. Such a climate ensures that the humidity is low. This is the perfect environment for growing grapes. The history of viticulture and winemaking on the island dates back to 3000 years ago. The island has four unique grape varieties. In addition, one of the livelihoods of the island people is fishing. The long-term coexistence of Greek and Turkish people has also reflected on the island’s culinary culture. Mostly, North Aegean cuisine dishes are predominant. The architectural style of the island is natural and protected. The fact that the controls were quite strict prevented the unplanned urbanization. Particular attention is paid to the preservation of the old architectural style. We recommend that you travel around the island as much as possible before completing your list.

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