Trip to The Italy: 7 Things to Do in Rome

 Best Thing To Do in Rome

 One of the most epic cities in Europe. There is history and art everywhere. You can have a wonderful Roman holiday by running between restaurants to try a different Italian flavor at every meal, and even by taking a look at the legendary structures in different streets during this rush. My list is below for those who say I would like to visit in more detail, not to miss anything.

Take a Colosseum Tour at Full Moon

It is impossible to leave Rome without visiting the famous gladiator arena, the Colosseum, which is the symbol of Rome, or at least having a photo taken in front of it. If your trip to Rome coincides with the full moon, leave your visit to the Colosseum overnight. You will enjoy much more.

Best places in Rome

See Roman Forum from Palatine Hill

One of the places you can go to witness the traces of hundreds or even thousands of years of history in Rome is the Roman Forum. History BC It dates back to the 7th century. There are parts of many temples in the part that can be visited now. Some of these temples were built in the name of the gods, and some of them were built in the name of those who had them built to deify them. My suggestion to view the Roman Forum from above is to climb Palatine Hill.

Tour the Sistine Church in Vatican City

If you want to visit the Pope in his home, head towards Vatican City. The Vatican is actually a tiny country within Rome. The most important part is the Sistine Chapel, whose ceiling and walls are covered with frescoes by Michelangelo. The most famous of these frescoes is the painting “The Creation of Adam”, in which Adam and God put their fingers together. In order to visit the Sistine Chapel, I recommend that you make your plan before you start your trip and buy your ticket online weeks in advance, otherwise you may have to wait in line for hours.

Tour the Pantheon

The Pantheon is the best preserved of the artifacts from the Ancient Roman period. Pantheon, a temple built in the name of all gods, started to be used as a church after 609. There are no windows inside, but thanks to the opening at the top of its dome, it is wonderfully illuminated. The tombs of the famous painter Raphael and some Italian kings are also located here. Before visiting the Pantheon, if you do some research on the interesting things in its architecture, you will definitely enjoy it more. It is truly amazing that the building was built with these dimensions 2000 years ago.

Go Fountain Hunt

Ok, come to Rome and throw a coin at the famous Fountain of Love Fontana de Trevi and be assured you’ll be back in Rome, but remember, there are many more historic fountains in Rome. You can walk around the street and paint the fountains. My favorite is Fontanella delle Api with mussel shells and bees on Via Veneto.

Visit the Graves of Writers, Poets at the Protestant Cemetery

The Protestant Cemetery in Rome is home to the graves of writers, poets, diplomats. Don’t just think of a cemetery. It’s like an open-air museum full of sculptures. Each tomb is a work of art. The most beautiful is the tomb containing the Angel of Grief statue of the Angel of Sorrow, made by William Wetmore Story for his wife. When she died, Story was buried next to her husband under the same statue.

Tour the Capuchin Crypt

If you can’t get up to speed after the cemetery, visit the Capuchin Crypt. There are five different rooms in this cellar tomb made with human bones and skulls. The walls and ceilings are always full of bones. It’s almost as if they have created a work of art with bones.

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